Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DHS: Tips to flaunt the law

This month’s ACCURACY TIPS
Disclosing SSN and Citizenship Status
This month’s accuracy tips have to do with how the application should be filled out by an applicant. The application (DHS 415F) was designed to capture the information of clients who apply for benefits and those who live in the same household but do not seek benefits for themselves. Civil Rights regulations prohibit us from requiring clients to disclose their SSN or citizenship when they are not applying for benefits for themselves. Therefore, in filling out the application, clients who are not applying for themselves should list their names under the
second section of #3 on page 2 of the DHS 415F, where it says “List all other people living in your home.”

Example: Mom comes in to apply for food stamps for self and her three children. Mom lists the three children on the application as the people she is applying to receive benefits for. She lists herself as another person in the HH, and does not want benefits for herself. There are a few reasons Mom might not want benefits for herself; one might be that she is an ineligible non-citizen, and does not want to disclose her status, and does not have a valid SSN.

In the FS Chapter, Section D.6, it states that only those persons who want benefits are required to provide their SSN. Other persons living in the household are not required to provide their SSN. You will not pend the application for the SSN or citizen status of the person that does not wish to be in the benefit group. (Their emphasis)

So that's the official word on how to get food stamps for illegal aliens. Mom is an illegal alien but her kids aren't, so the kids names go on the application as the beneficiaries and mom's name is simply listed as "living in the household." How dishonest is that.

This workaround could also be used to flaunt laws such as Prop 200 in Arizona where a citizen initiative was passed that forbid state agencies from giving benefits to illegal aliens.

But the scary part is that this is not some scheme cooked up by illegal immigrants who pass this information on to others so that they can scam the system. No, this is DHS instructing it's employees, public employees, how to scam the system to benefit illegal aliens.

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