Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Breaking" news

The mainsteam media, in this case FOX12, covers a story that was blogged here on July 12. NARALS "screw abstinece" party finally got a little tv coverage, but if you want your news in a timely manner just keep coming here. (no mention of this story on KPTV12 website or I would provide link)

Of course, the local news did the usual. Pan the camera on the front of the building then stick a microphone in some local idiots face so us viewers can hear the least intelligent comments possible.

In this case you had a guy who was obviously very excited over the prospect of a bunch of drunk women in a room with sex toys who are wanting to put out to make a political statement. I'm soooo glad that the feminist movement has brought women this far.

The second local idiot was a women who said that her six year old son knows about safe sex and that they "talk about sex openly" in her house.

But maybe these people are right, maybe kids should be having sex. After all, they are responsible...

Trends in Reportable Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the United States, 2003 - National Data on Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continue to be a major health threat in the United States. CDC estimates that 19 million STD infections occur annually, almost half of them among youth ages 15 to 24.

Err, maybe not.


MAX Redline said...

Umm...that's "lamestream media", Daniel. (heh!)

If you get time, check out the last couple of postings at

Not as interesting as some of your insights, nor as skilled with the coding, but somewhat complementary to what you've been doing here for a while. Different news sources, for one - I save $24 a year; you don't.

I thought that 12 story sounded familiar! Now I know why...

jwalker said...

You know, I am just sad about the whole conversation about sex in this country. It is all about the best way to not get the clap, pregnant, aids, whatever. Noone would ever think of discussing with our girls and boy about showing respect towards their own sexuality and esteem by waiting until marriage. Just think if we convinced our girls that they were special and any guy that would ask her compromise her purity is loathsome and doesn't respect her at all. I know parents aren't teaching that at home anymore, they are too busy looking for their next sex partner. But what if we esteemed that type of thinking in our society? Wow, what happy kids we would have.

Daniel said...

Clearly the "best way" to not get the clap is to NOT HAVE SEX. It is 100% effective.

Teaching the less than 100% effective way is foolish, especially when teenagers are irresposible, ummm looking for the right word here... idiots.

You can ask your kid to take out the trash 5 times and they still forget, imagine them trying to use a condom.