Thursday, August 11, 2005

Illegal aliens came out on top in Oregon's legislature

Legislative Attacks on Farmworkers and Immigrants Defeated
The third longest legislative session in the history of Oregon ended on Friday, August 5th, marking the defeat of every major anti-immigrant, anti-farmworker piece of legislation. PCUN and numerous allies worked against over 18 proposals to undermine the minimum wage and collective bargaining, require proof of legal status to get a driver’s license, and make it more difficult for people to vote.

Short video from PCUN website

This session presented a different political reality due to the passage of the federal “REAL ID” Act in May, galvanizing the anti-immigrant group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform. One modest victory was persuading the Oregon Legislature to refrain from mandating implementation of any of REAL ID’s provisions this session, as the Department of Homeland Security has not yet issued regulations. For now, Oregon remains one of eleven states where all residents can get a driver’s license regardless of immigration status.

Way to go Oregon. You made it so meth cooks have to drive an extra 15 minutes to Vancouver to buy cold pills but you couldn't muster the support to make illegal aliens show proof of citizenship to get a drivers license.

In a few years all our ID's will be worthless because our "representatives" can't stomach the thought of punishing lawbreakers.

I had a comment on a previous post from a guy who suggested that he was considering becoming a drug addict as a career move. He felt like he would then be a represented constituency in Portland.

I would add that we could all renounce our citizenship so that our government officials would have more respect for us, we could get free health care at the many taxpayer supported migrant clinics and get ITINs, which in this day of ID theft are probably more secure than having a real SSN.

So nice that the illegal alien union has something to celebrate. The rest of us just shake our heads.


Robin said...


MAX Redline said...

>In a few years all our ID's will be worthless because our "representatives" can't stomach the thought of punishing lawbreakers.<

Ummm...what's with the "in a few years" comment? They're worthless now! The boys from 9/11 had some 30 different ID cards.

There is absolutely no reason why the government can't cross-reference birth and death certificates in the USA - but they don't. They have chosen not to employ this basic technology.

Just as they have chosen not to enforce our immigration laws in favor of "celebrating diversity".

Daniel said...

They are not worthless, you can use them to get cold pills!

jwalker said...

Didn't I hear, I think on Lars, that California Police are starting to not accept Oregon Driver's licenses as valid when they pull people over? I know I have just recently heard a true-life story of that happening in California to an Oregon citizen.

Daniel said...

I hadn't heard that one. Will look into it.

Anonymous said...

Nevada, in some areas is NOT accepting Or. Licenses.
Oregon is one of only 4 states that do not use the Social Security On-line Verification system. Software cost Utah only $1,400 and 1/4 penny per Lic. to check. ODOT said in hearings, that they already had a Federal grant to pay for it! By the way at our protest last weekend, we spoke with 3 State Employees who were in a meeting with the Mexican Consulate, selling their ID and 250 Illegal aliens received info on how to Vote, and get a Job and a House and a Lic. They moved the meeintg becuase of US! All 3 TV Stations did NOT report on the State workers violating LAWS!

Anonymous said...

go to and see the info on our protest. Oregonians For Immigration Reform, with help from other groups, are going to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION...Join us
Rick Hickey, VP OFIR

Daniel said...

Thanks for your hard work Rick. Oregonians appreciate it.