Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More housing for illegal aliens

In a sane world this story would have a follow up that would say the houses were designed as a clever ruse, moments after residents occupied the new complex the Immigration and Customs Enforcement swept through arresting all the illegal alien occupants and deporting them. Alas, this is not a sane world...

Migrant worker housing complex offers more than shelter
Calling her new home a dream come true, Ana Rosa Paniagua was joined by more than 200 people Sunday to celebrate the official opening of Salem's first year-round farmworker housing complex.

Sunday's celebration, which included a traditional Aztec blessings of the complex, was about much more than a nice, new place to live, said Larry Kleinman, an FHDC board member

Salem City Manager Bob Wells told the crowd that the city, which allocated $300,000 for the construction of the complex, plans to participate with its community.

He said that in the past eight years, 1,115 housing units for farmworkers and their families have been built in Oregon.

The American dream is to come here legally, work hard and buy your own house. The American nightmare is that people can come here illegally and taxpayers will buy them a house.


MAX Redline said...

Ah, a traditional Aztec blessing!

How wonderfully inclusive.

No word on whether, in the course of this traditional blessing, they cut out the living heart of an American taxpayer...

Anonymous said...

How wrong is this? We live and play the game like were suppose to and you have to give away most of your money to other certain kinds of people (special groups) who will enjoy the use of it without your permission.

Anonymous said...

The Form 990 on this "non-profit" says that 38% of funding is Government Grants (YOUR) money!
Is'nt this a violation of Housing anti-discrimination laws?
i.e. "based on Race, Color, National Origin..."?
DANIEL, BITCHING ONLY does NOT fix the problem, help me and lets put a STOP to his crap! Rick Hickey, VP OFIR, melindaandrick@msn.com

Thomas said...

"The American dream is to come here legally, work hard and buy your own house. The American nightmare is that people can come here illegally and taxpayers will buy them a house."

Well said, Daniel.
We musn't forget the free schooling and medical care,not to mention the much needed "cultural sensitivity" training for those of us who are "unenlightend" and believe that all cultures are not necessarily equal.
(Here's my wallet, please leave me the photos, thank you.)

Al said...

And what a fine looking property it is. What will it cost us to keep it that way?

Daniel said...

Great comments all around. Not sure about the annual upkeep costs on the property. (no doubt they will hire illegal aliens to do the landscaping)

I would also reccommend that all of you check out http://oregonir.org/ and become members.

Anonymous said...

OK...THIS IS OFF TOPIC: I'm asking this forum to look at the placement of the criminally insane in neighborhoods as a public safety issue, it's another lib FEEL GOOD DEAL, and is going too bite us soon, as the numbers of these people to be realeased is in the 100's.

In a message dated 08/17/2005 10:17:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Dat5 Racer writes:
In a message dated 08/17/2005 8:55:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, chuck.currie@gmail.com writes:

You have never show respect for anyone you disagreed with and are not
likely to begin doing so anytime soon.

First, I'm off at seminary right now and will not be returning full
time to Portland for a few months. Second, your past history with me
and others who disagree with you leads me to believe any further
discussion would be pointless. So I must decline your invitation.

I am writing this note out of courtesy but have no intention of
responding to further e-mail messages you might send. Chuck Currie....homeless advocate, lib feel good kind of guy.

Dear Chuck.

So typical....100 criminally insane men coming to neighborhoods, and you "THINK" you know what I am, or what I think, or what could do.

The people I hold grudges for...still THINK wrong my true intentions.

Guess GOD will judge our hearts after all!

My job as a husband and father is to safe guard my family from people that could hurt them....The criminally insane that may be placed next to them by do-gooders like you, who need to examine the exact potential price of their own actions, but do not look at the possible results of those actions...only that they FEEEEEL SO GOOD ABOUT IT.

The possible chance to help all those who may be impacted by this issue has been tossed. I stand my ground, you stand yours...it will not be my family who goes down.

I have researched this issue, that facts say the idea is wrong, the lack over notification about this issue to a neighborhood is wrong, and people like you are responsible.

When the first person is hurt...l think you know where I will be....FOX NEWS, then maybe a street corner with a sign addressing the fact people like you were told not once, but hundreds of times, and did nothing. Then God, will take it from there.

I asked this meeting to find a new direction to benefit all, as these people will be placed in numbers that will not be safe or managed. You are not worthy of trust in your position.

Jack Peek

PS..I ask those CC'ed or BCC'ed Why is it OK with Chuck Currie and those who support the placement of the criminally insane in neighborhoods for his or their family to not be placed in harms way, but it's OK if mine or yours gets shafted? JP

Daniel said...

I will do the research tonight Jack.

And I agree 100% with your job description of a husband and father.