Monday, August 01, 2005

Oregon government is never boring

If only we were allowed to cut as many boards from timber...

The following are state agency boards:
Board of Accountancy
Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board
Board of Architect Examiners
Athletic Trainers, Board of
Board of Higher Education
Chiropractic Examiners Board
Clinical Social Workers Board
Construction Contractors Board
Cosmetology, Board of
Counselors And Therapists, Board Of Licensed Professional
Dentistry, Oregon Board Of
Denture Technology, Board of
Emergency Board
Employment Relations Board
Engineering And Land Surveying, Board Of Examiners For
Environmental Health Registration Board
Geologist Examiners, State Board of
Insurance Pool Governing Board
Investigators Board
Landscape Architect Board
Landscape Contractors Board
Land Use Board of Appeals
Marine Board
Massage Therapists, Board Of
Medical Examiners Board
Midwifery, Board Of Direct Entry
Mortuary And Cemetery Board
Nursing Board
Optometry, Board Of
Oregon Medical Insurance Pool Board
Parole/Post Prison Supv Board
Physical Therapist Licensing Board
Psychiatric Security Review Board
Psychologists Examiners Board
Public Employees Benefit Board
Respiratory Therapist Licensing Board
Tax Practitioners Board
Watershed Enhancement Board
Workers' Compensation Board

Can you imagine what life would be like without the Board of Architect Examiners? (est. 1918) Who would enforce the pointless regulations regarding building design?

And without a Landscape Architect board how would the state be able to charge these fees:
Application fee: $50.00 (required to sit for each exam):
Application fee for reciprocity: $100.00
Examination fee for Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE); set by CLARB; section C & section E are $235.00 each for the June 2005 administration of the examination.
Initial registration for Landscape Architect registration: $225.00
Initial registration for Landscape Architect in Training registration: $50.00
Initial certification as an Authorized Business Entity in Landscape Architecture: $225.00
Annual renewal for Landscape Architect: $225.00
Renewal fee for an Authorized Landscape Architecture Business: $225.00 every other year
Duplicate certificate: $50.00
Late renewal fee: $100.00

All that just so you can hire some illegal aliens to rake barkdust.

As far as I'm concerned the state should not be using a single dollar of tax money to buy doughnuts for these board meetings. Do we really need all this largesse? Is this yet another example of the over-regulation and fees that our state imposes on bussiness/people/anything that moves? Are there any boards that actual citizens care about or are these just places to appoint so-and-so's cousin?

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