Thursday, August 04, 2005

Study: Posted signs not able to prevent crime

Forbidding handguns does not keep them off campus
When I filed my lawsuit against the Oregon University System in an attempt to lift an unjust and illegal rule prohibiting the carrying of licensed concealed handguns, the response was predictable. The OUS and University of Oregon administration brought out the standard line: They were concerned about student safety. Student interviews and polls printed in the Emerald showed that the majority of students (and I’m sure faculty and staff) felt uneasy about having concealed handguns carried onto campus by lawfully licensed and competent people.

If the campus community was uneasy about handguns carried by law-abiding citizens, I can only imagine the fear that has fallen upon campus with the revelation that, yes indeed, there are already guns on campus — not being carried by licensed, responsible people.

The Daily Emerald has this guest commentary written by a student with a CWP who has tried to overturn the U of O's unlawful prohibition on carrying concealed on campus.

Clearly the school has no authority to regulate the carrying of concealed weapons as only the legislature is allowed to do that and the school is open to the public. And really, someone at the school should be armed to protect the local hippies who would probably cry at the sight of blood.

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