Friday, August 05, 2005

Protest tommorow

Don't forget that there will be a protest in Springfield because the State of Oregon is cooperating with the Mexican government in aiding and abetting illegal aliens. BROCHURE Come watch your taxpayer dollars in action!


Bring cameras and your "unofficial border patrol" minutemen t-shirts!

See previous post on this subject.


Robin said...

Holly Illegal Immigration Batman!

I about fell out of my chair when I saw that poster.

I think what would really make the news because all of these organizations are "aiding and abetting" federal criminals and somebody should bring charges against these people.

Robin said...

poster roughly translated by Altavista Babal Fish

The Information Is To be able!
Come and You ask Place: Church Santa Alicia 1520 F St., Springfi eld Date: Saturday, 6 of August, 2005 Hour: 10 a.m.
Note: Make appointment marking (541) 687-2667.
As of Wednesday 27 of July from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. 250 numbers for consular services will be given.
You need to know: that to do if it is injured in the work, or if its place of work is not safe or healthful?
to where to go if it has problems with agents or insurance agencies, or with their mortgage?
that information must know before buying his first house?
to where to go to make complaints of the consumer or if fi is victim of nanciero fraud?
like finding cios works available in Oregon, or information on benefi of unemployment?
information about the number of contributor ITIN (to make its taxes)?
as to transact its driver's license and to register its vehicle?
to where to go if his employer does not pay his wage to him, or to work extra hours?
like registering a business, or registering themselves to vote in Oregon?
like improving the health of you and its family?
planning, development and coordination of services for people of the third age?
gratuitous legal services for workers of the field?
services integrated for the development of the children do not lack!
It agrees to know to him! 1-800-843-8086

Daniel said...

Yep, the best part is the list of state agencies that are participating!

I was planning to go but when I did the mapquest this morning I saw that it was goint to take an hour and 46 minutes.

I'll show my support from here.

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