Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Only slightly longer lines than the DMV

Need a new ID card but don't have the proper documents? Head on down to the Mexican Consulate and pick yourself up a Matricula Consular! Great for obtaining government services, a drivers license, and voting rights.

For those of you outside Portland who have multiple DUII's and can't make the drive, the Consulate may be coming to a city near you!

The Consulate of Mexico makes services of Movable Consulate during the week ends, to provide services to the Mexican communities that are in moved away zones of the consular seat.
In the services of Movable Consulate the "MERRY-go-round OF INFORMATION" participates that is integrated by several departments of the State of Oregon and Federales, that provide information in Spanish on their services.

Hat tip to Lars Larson for the great pics!


Diesel said...

Those are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Let's all inundate the consulate and go get one!

Daniel said...

The best part is that unlike real ID, you can get as many as you want!

Today you may feel like being Juan Gonzales but after your DUII you may want to be Miguel Mendez.

Collect them all!

The Cheezer said...

Hmmmm... Isn't fake ID illegal in this country? Shouldn't our police arrest those that are selling them?

Daniel said...

We have no jurisdiction to arrest anyone at the consulate. It is Mexican soveriegn territory.

Makes me curious about the mobile consulate.

Anonymous said...

I walked by the consulate today and there were all these illegals hanging out front. Yeesh!