Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Art coordinator

Community Development Coordinator
$1,873 - $2,636 MONTHLY

The Community Development Coordinator is responsible for providing statewide staff direction and support to Oregon’s community arts development efforts through partnerships with local and regional arts agencies and facilitation of communications between the arts community and other aspects of the Economic and Community Development Department including regional, rural, and community development, as well as Travel Oregon.

Assist communities in the creation and support of arts councils, particularly in under served parts of Oregon.
It is every Oregon communities worst nightmare to not have enough public artwork.

If you ever have a lot of time on your hands and feel like looking at worthless crap that has been paid for by your tax dollars you could always take the Public Art Walking Tour.

Go with a friend and make a game out of it. Ask questions like:

Did that rusty thing really come from the front yard of a trailor park?

Do you think that the state could have hired a cop for the price of that one?

What qualifies that piece of junk as art?

Is that panhandler "art" in the sense that he represents societal oppression of nonconformists and free thinkers? OK, that last one will only be said if a "real" artist is walking by.

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