Thursday, August 18, 2005

Atkinson for Governor

Today, on the Lars Larson show, Senator Jason Atkinson anounced his intention to run for Governor of Oregon.

He is counting on a grassroots effort from Oregon's Republicans to help him campaign. I hope that all of Oregon's conservatives will take a few minutes to contact him, make their views known, and pledge their support.


jwalker said...

What do you know about him?

Daniel said...

See next post.

Sailor Republica said...

We need to join forces!

I've already given Atkinson my endorsement and I think we should get the other Oregon Bloggers that we know to give him an endorsement as well.

I am excited about this! Woo!

Diesel said...

Well, I can help with the "Independents for Atkinson" call.

Count me in.

Daniel said...

Glad to hear it. This is the grassroots support that Atkinson was talking about today.

Daniel said...

Hey sailor, don, I could use an email address.

I will make sure to delete the post after I see it so you don't get spammed.

Or Sailor, you could ask Coyote for mine because he has it.

Daniel said...

Got the emails, thanks.