Monday, August 15, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Judge Rules: If Feds Won't Enforce Immigration Laws, Locals Must Not
The Open Borders Bloc successfully mobilized this summer to put down an unexpected outbreak of the rule of law. The rebellion was brief but threatening, as local law enforcement clearly overstepped their bounds and began enforcing laws willy-nilly--leading many in the ruling elite to wonder where it all might end. Luckily, a judge was able to step in and stop the law before it could be enforced again.

This is another great column by the Mac. His closing statements,

You never really lose until you stop fighting.

Charge them with something. Anything.

should be the motto of all of us who are fighting against both political parties and the establishment on the issue of illegal aliens.


Robin said...

just like that Sheriff that started charging illegals with trespass.

The laws are on the books, and there is something that we can do.
They always claim that they do not have the manpower or the funds to enforce the law... how about if we build a bike path along the border... maybe that would get people interested.

Daniel said...

Imagine if an illegal alien stepped on a snowy plover. The full weight of the liberal media would come crashing down on them.