Monday, August 15, 2005

Are ANY projects for cars?

What will $4.46 million of your tax dollars buy?

Funding category TDM - Transportation Demand Management
Total project cost $4,461,161

The Regional Travel Options program works collaboratively with state and local jurisdictions and agency partners to promote travel options to single-occupant motor vehicles throughout the metropolitan region. This includes carpool and vanpool services, employer outreach, special programs support for transportation management associations (local employer-based nonprofit organizations that promote travel options to their employees) and program performance evaluation.

For more information, call Regional Transportation Planning at (503) 797-1839, fax (503) 797-1911 or send e-mail to

I know that I have promised a direct comparison of the cost per mile of a "multi-use path" and new road construction or road widening but I am having the damnedest time finding a project that is just that.

As far as I can find all road projects involve bike path striping, new sidewalks, planted medians, improved bus access, etc.

That all projects are designed to accommodate a small fraction of the population while ignoring the majority of commuters, travelers, shoppers and recreators is very frustrating to me.

Please feel free to check for yourself at the Project descriptions and maps page and let me know if you find a project that is designed just for automobile (read: the majority transportation option) use.

I would also suggest that you email the above metro email address and ask them when they are going to put priority on your transportation needs. As always, be polite, i.e. don't call them communist car-hating bike path nazis.


jwalker said...

Uh, not to bore you with any more details of my Portland living experience, but I was in 2 horrific traffic jams when I was there, and I barely drove. What is wrong with they have their head up their...

Daniel said...

I would say yes but with the tin-foil hats and bike helmets securly on their heads they are not able to quite fit it...

Imagine if your commute was in Portland. I simply stay out of that city whenever possible.

jwalker said...

I am so sick of "progressivism." It makes me want to puke.