Monday, August 01, 2005

Looking out for the working man

AFL-CIO Calls to Legalize Workers
The United States' largest labor federation, the AFL-CIO, brought to a close its 25th annual convention with a call to legalize undocumented workers and a condemnation of the free trade agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic known as the CAFTA-DR.

"Undocumented workers and their families should get the opportunity to secure legal status through a new legalization program," says a resolution endorsed by the assembly.

The main organization as well as a dissident coalition formed at the Chicago convention decided to focus attention and funds on recruiting Latino workers, especially women.

Notice to all union workers: You have been sold out! The people that you pay dues to, the ones that are supposed to "protect" your job, have endorsed letting non-citizens take your job.

The union is for people who have broken the law by working here and taken a job that an American citizen could have.

Looks like they put politics before their working members.


Robin said...

the last time that we had blanket legalization, as Lars constantly reminds us, we had a huge influx of people hoping that if they stay here long enough, there'll be an amnesty program to make them legal.
Notice to all union workers: You have been sold out!

not just union workers, but America itself.

the invasion is within.

Daniel said...

But we can't throw up our arms in frustration, we have to keep trying to make things better.