Monday, August 08, 2005

Now I'm getting worked up

This is a retread but for those of you who have not heard these phone calls before it is definitely worth a listen to see more evidence of the "abortion culture" that I referred to in my last post.

Planned Parenthood’s Child Molester Cover Up EXPOSED!
Sexual activity with underage girls is illegal in all 50 states—yet Life Dynamics discovered that Planned Parenthood counselors are willing to cover up sexual crimes against underage girls by adult males!

LDI encouraged a team of girls to call PP clinics and pretend to have been sexually abused by adult males. In case after case, PP counselors willingly ignored state law to cover up these molestations and violations of statutory rape laws! These conversations were taped by LDI.



jwalker said...

I listened to one of them. I am assuming it is indicative of what is going on. The one I listened to was a 13 year old girl saying she thought she was pregnant by her 22 year old boyfriend and she wanted birth control to continue having sex with him.

I think that planned parenthood and the law in California really is terrible. Girls are being raped by definition of the law and these people don't report it. Shame on them.

Daniel said...

They are all like that. Clearly PP is more concerned about a young girl being able to have an abortion than they are about her being abused.

This is what passes for feminism and women's rights.