Friday, August 19, 2005

Let's just surrender to Mexico

2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court
Now, in a turnabout, the 70-acre property about two miles from the border is being given to two immigrants whom the group caught trying to enter the United States illegally.

"Certainly it's poetic justice that these undocumented workers own this land," said Morris S. Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., which represented the immigrants in their lawsuit.

Mr. Dees said the loss of the ranch would "send a pretty important message to those who come to the border to use violence."

I don't know whether to give up and learn Spanish or form a militia.

What I do know is this:
Morris Dees should be deported from this country. His citizenship should be stripped form him and he should never be allowed to return. He should be publicly shamed as a traitor who has sworn allegiance to a foreign and hostile country.

The Southern Poverty Law Center should be declared a subversive organization and disbanded. It's lawyers should all be disbarred.

The illegal aliens who "own" the ranch should be made an example of. They have applied for visas which should be denied. They should be made to suffer through an extensive detention and deportation process.

The judge who issued these decisions should be impeached, disbarred and then deported with his citizenship stripped from him. He should be made a public spectacle.

The property owner should have shot and killed these illegals and said he feared for his safety and the safety of others.

To be honest, it is very difficult for someone like me to know how to respond to this action. I can't condone illegal action, but what do you do when our own government gives our private property to criminals who broke the laws of our nation and were trespassing on our property?

I believe, as I'm sure you do, that the actions of this unelected piece of shit judge are illegal. Our constitution DOES NOT ALLOW THIS. Our country has been perverted by lawyers and Senators and judges. Sick people who hate America.

Our complacency allows this to happen. We are the ones with the restraint. While they shit on our constitution and rule of law we sit back and say "What can we do? There was a judgment handed down, we must respect it." They break the law and we are expected to follow their illegal rules.

Criminals sue cops and win. Drug addicts are better served by our government than law-abiding citizens. Lawyers in black robes claim that our constitution gives the right to kill babies, homosexual marriage, and virtual child pornography. Bums are allowed to squat on government property and erect a tent city while taxpaying citizens who build a deck without the cities permission are threatened to have it smashed down.

Where did we go wrong? What are the solutions? To vote in more of the same ruling elite who don't care about us? Most are only worried about their golf trips and power? Some want to engage in social engineering and change our great country into a socialist/communist nightmare.

Our Senate leadership can't be counted on to pass a bill that would protect children from child molesters. The ACLU will defend the "rights" of those child molesters to meet and plot on their helpless victims. The ACLU is considered a "mainstream" group by many while the Minutemen are called fringe extremists by our elected officials.

God is considered offensive in our schools but rap music that talks about slapping bitches and selling crack is part of "diversity" and "culture." Gun owners are vilified while unwed teenage mothers are exalted for their ability to overcome adversity.

I'm going to stop now. Please pray for our country.


Thomas said...

Can you say "alternate reality"?

I knew you could.

(Won't you be...

my neighbor?)

Al said...

Surrender to Mexico, I think we already have.

I guess we owe it to them for being such bad neighbors and for years allowing them to wallow in their self-made squalor.

Welcome to Baja Oregon.

Meanwhile, join me in sending Arnold an e- asking him to join NM and AZ with declaring California's southern border as being in a State of Emergency.

Its easy and he will listen to anybody at

Daniel, I hope you don't mind my offering that link.

Daniel said...

Al, your contributions are always appreciated!

I had tried to get to that link from your email but the site is down. Rest assured I will check back.

*Twilight zone music*
You are entering the Judicial zone...

Sue K. said...

Once again, people who are in this country illegally get rewarded even though they shouldn't have been here and were trespassing. What in the hell is a land owner to do when they have literally hundreds of illegals crossing their property??? Law enforcement can't help them and the government certainly won't. This situation's outcome is downright WRONG!!!!! Illegals and criminals get coddled while law-abiding citizens get screwed over and over again. So now that these illegals are rich, I wonder if they will still sign up for subsidized housing, food stamps, free medical care, etc. Or will they turn the ranch into a safe house for illegals to rest on their journey? I am so tired of hearing and reading crap like this!! Yes, it is a messed up world indeed!

I sent my email to Arnold yesterday requesting that he declare a State of Emergency for California.


Razorsedge said...

Weeeellll said!

Scott said...

Daniel for once i agre with you 100%. Most of the time it's 99%.

Robin said...

It just makes me sick!

Daniel said...

It got beyond being sick with me last night. I really thought about our country, it's original intent, and it's current degeneration into something else.

One the one hand I feel that the citizenry is powerless to do something about something like this. On the other I realize that the only thing stopping us is apathy and complacency.

Half the country doesn't even vote, why would I expect them to mobilize to get this judge impeached?

A lot of adults would rather watch American Idol than do something to help America.

I don't see the politicians on the front page of the Fishwrapper denouncing this act and vowing to remedy it. They're on vacation along with Bush whose been on vacation with this issue his entire presidency.

R Huse said...

Is there anything more outrageous than this? Its sickening. Could we please, if nothing else, stop wasting money on boarder patrol? If we are going to take actions like these, lets at least stop pretending we have a boarder.

MacBoar said...

Nice rant. It rings so true.

Dees must have wanted to return the ranch/land back to the Mexicans. He probably thought they were robbed by the Gadsden Purchase!

Lastly, I don't think this would have happend if Nethercott would have defended himself in the first place. But he didn't put up a fight.

Gunslinger said...

This infuriates me to no end. I am now so pissed I am going to stop blogging for the evening. Well maybe not. You are 100% correct in everything you said. I might add, that the illegal problem doesn't stop by closing the borders, it stops by closing borders, and deporting every single law breaking ILLEGAL immigrant out of the U.S. Isn't am immigrant a person who has gained citizenship to a new country in hopes of building a better life by contributing? Maybe its just me.

RalphNelson said...

This story says more about the necessity to show up in court (or send a representative) when someone is suing you than it says about anything else. If someone is suing you, no matter how ridiculous the reason or how high the claim, if you don't show up or send a lawyer, then you'll lose almost every time.

The story, and the reaction to it, also says a lot about the low cerebral capacity of the anti-immigration movement.