Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another public agency openly works with illegal aliens

Oregon Housing Opportunities in Partnership (OHOP) Program
The Oregon Housing Opportunities in Partnership (OHOP) program is funded under grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) and is designed to assist people living with HIV/AIDS in creating a continuum of stable, sustainable housing. The Oregon Department of Human Services, HIV Client Services Program, directly administers OHOP in addition to the Ryan White Title II program.
So federal tax dollars fund the assistance but since Oregon DHS is the direct administrators that means that our state tax dollars foot the bill for things like the administrative building, the office furniture, etc.

Now from the Oregon HIV Housing Task Force Meeting Minutes we have this garbage:

When working with the undocumented Hispanic community it is best to work through agencies that serve Hispanics.

OHOP will accept people without a SSN but other stable programs won't. The program needs to figure out how to serve this population and find a way to stabilize long-term housing opportunities.

Goal #2: Identify specific activities to help overcome two identified housing barriers:
􀂃 Persons without Social Security numbers have difficulty moving from OHOP to long-term stable housing; and
􀂃 Persons without citizenship documentation have difficulty getting utilities turned on.
Criminals don't deserve electricity.

Points made about fair housing Protections:
8. Clients do not need a SSN to access housing.

Our public agencies spend a lot of time and energy on ways to get services to people with no SSN. Why are they so focused on this group? Why are they on this jihad to spend tax dollars on illegal aliens? Answer: Because liberalism is a mental disorder.

In these people's sick little minds they think that by helping criminals they are somehow furthering the cause of diversity and helping those that are "vulnerable."

The flaw in their reasoning is that they are rewarding CRIMINAL behavior. Trying to find places to live for illegal aliens, who are not allowed to live here, is oxymoronic.

One post, two items
While going through minutes of various housing agency meetings to find other things related to the above story I ran across this one and just have to pass it on. It's just too good of an example of how government mucks things up:

Minutes of Regular Meeting

I'm looking at page 7 & 8 here:
Stuart Liebowitz: The market study said that there is an oversupply of private-pay residents (page 44). Yet all but one of the four new one-bedroom units is dedicated to private-pay. Please clarify.
Shelly Cullin: The appraisal was confusing in the fact that the oversupply was documented. The need for this project was justified because it is 100% studio units and they are turning away people who need the one-bedroom units. Eight units will not affect the market...

...Bob Repine: How many units are Medicaid approved?
Marvin Pratt: All of them. Shelly Cullin: They are all approved but some units will be marketed as private-pay.
Scott Cooper: The Council and agencyÂ’s mission is to serve low and very low-income. Yet the answer that Shelly just gave is that we are supplying market demand. How do we justify that?
John Wahrgren: First and foremost we provide affordable housing. The IRS has defined ALFs as housing, so they fit within our responsibilities. Secondly, we are lenders and make sure that these loans are secure and have adequate cash flow. We are helping this project become more financially viable in order to have a secure loan because we are in the deal...

...Marvin Pratt: The Medicaid reimbursement is not sufficient. The private-pay units subsidize it.
Bob Repine: In our loan portfolio, close to 70% of our facility beds are Medicaid units and approximately 30% are market rate units. In the non-affordable facilities, which we do not finance, the ratio is generally the opposite. They backfill their facilities with Medicaid beds to get the rest of their cash flow.

So in mamateurer analysis it looks like taxpayer funded projects affect the "free" market for housing. Government must do this because in their zeal to provide housing for one group of people they are willing to subsidize the low-income units with not just tax dollars, but the rent money paid by "market ratetenantsts.

A low-income housing complex can't support itself and can't be supported by a limitless amount of tax dollars so they are mixed into low-income and "market rate" units.

The problem is that if government built the units with tax dollars that means that the market forces don't apply. This means that the rent they charge is just a made up number rather than the amount to make the project profitable but still small enough that the market will bear it.

The ramifications of this are endless...


MAX Redline said...

"When working with the undocumented Hispanic community it is best to work through agencies that serve Hispanics."

I got a better idea: rather than working with them, deport them!

Anonymous said...

This is criminal, somebody prosecute the STATE!

Daniel said...

OFIR is looking for a lawyer to do just that!

If you have a law degree then go to!

Scott said...

Criminals don't deserve electricity.

just to be deported.

Scott said...

how about one shot, one Appeal then deport to were ever.

Scott said...

mabey D.C

Daniel said...

That's not a bad idea Scott, send all illegal aliens to DC and let our politicians live with the results.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just let them all in to fatten up Americas population for when China and Russsia come knocking. Remember its only 6 sailing days @ 12knots for a half billion people to reach our shores and no one to stop them.

Anonymous said...

federal housing administration

Anonymous said...

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