Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's YOUR middle school kid reading?

Sexual Diversity Bibliography: Middle School
Portland Public Schools

Zack’s Story: Growing Up with Same-Sex Parents.
Lerner, 1996.
Eleven-year-old Zack talks about his life with his mothers. Many color photographs show Zack at home, at school, at the Gay Pride Parade in New York City and with his dad and his dad’s other family.

Macmillan, 1989.
The fictional account of a year and a half in Jack’s life, ending on his 16th birthday. It begins with the day Jack’s father tells him he is gay.

From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun.
Scholastic, 1995.
Melanin Sun is almost 14 when his mother tells his she is a lesbian. Melanin’s struggle to deal with his own homophobia and his friend’s reaction is intensified by the fact that his African American mother is in love with a white woman.

These are just a couple of the books available to your middle schoolers. I have no idea how graphic the content of these books are.

Again, the schools have decided that they will be the arbiters of what's right and wrong. Parents input is not needed or wanted. Your kids will be taught that homosexuality is not only ok, but something special to be admired.


Gullyborg said...

Unfortunately, too many of my conservative friends are too busy condemning Harry Potter to notice the real dangers among the students' books.

Daniel said...

You Harry Potter addicts are all the same. It's 6:21am and my wife is reading Harry Potter right now. She can't put it down. It's Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that...

Diesel said...

If your wife was a real addict, she'd already be done with Potter (as I and my fiance are)! :)

jwalker said...

I won't comment on Harry Potter.

A parent has to understand that they are sending their child into a climate in the public schools that is probably not in line with their core values. A parent has 2 choices:
1. prepare the child to make proper choices for their belief system and then be an "overly concerned" watchdog which makes the child crazy (as I see alot of the Christian families do because I am a public school teacher.)

2. Send the child to a school whose values are in line with your own. This is the option I am taking. I would no more send my kid to public school than I would hurt him physically. I am a teacher and I know too much.

The homophobia references were what got to me. As this generation of indoctrinated people come into power, there is going to be a culture and value war like we have never seen. I think the liberals are just biding their time right now until this happens. Hang on to your hats....we have a bumpy ride coming up.

I am Coyote said...

THAT's why we homeschool...

Harry Potter? What's that?

We only allow Louis L'Amour for fiction in our house.

jwalker said...

Coyote, you and your wife are my heroes.