Sunday, August 07, 2005

Campaign ad for Kulongoski's opponent

Ran across this one this old speech from our fearless leader:

Speech by Governor Kulongoski
I also want to thank your very hard working Executive Director – Chris D’Arcy. Chris – you not only fought and helped win an uphill battle to save the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust – you started the year serving one board and finish the year serving two. That makes you Exhibit A that in Oregon we really are making government more efficient.
Yes Teddy, having one guy serve on two seperate public art boards really does show how frugal Oregon government really is.

The best kept secret of 2003 – and the accomplishment I am most proud of – is that we truly did save the arts in Oregon. The record speaks for itself. We merged the Cultural Trust into the Arts Commission – which protected both of them. We held on to the cultural tax credit. And we assured that the Oregon Arts Commission would have not just a budget – but a budget large enough to earn a matching grant from the NEA.
The accomplishment he was most proud of?!? I mean sure, he takes a lot of naps but jeez, didn't he do anything worthwhile that year?

We just unveiled a new branding campaign for Oregon – built around the line: Oregon – we love dreamers. So I ask you: How could we possibly love dreamers – but not love the arts. The answer is obvious – we can’t. And fortunately, we don’t.
This is a statement that makes perfect sense to liberals but makes no sense to the rest of us.

At a time when we were cutting the Oregon Health Plan – and schools in some districts were closing several weeks early – many people looked at the arts and saw a frill. I see something different. I see art and culture as part of the solution – not part of the problem. We need art and culture in Oregon.
We have all seen how public art has been the "solution" to the school and health care problems. Thank goodness that Teddy had the foresight to recognize this when he did.

...we’re going to hold onto our cultural history, hold onto our support for the humanities; and hold onto the arts. Not simply because we want to – but because if we are to remain a tolerant, progressive, enlightened – and economically strong community, we have to.
Avoiding the progressive and enlightened society is just one more reason to oppose public art!!

While Teddy may not even run for reelection (he does have winter hibernation to think about) we are all paying for the one-term he does have. Really, what is that piece of junk? (besides a great wasted of taxpayer dollars)


MAX Redline said...

Check out how committed Oregon is to business:

MAX Redline said...

Hmm...this link might work better:

Daniel said...

Imagine how low Wal-Mart prices could be if they weren't getting sued and fighting city councils all the time.

Why, they would be able to offer goods and services to the economically disadvantaged!

Thomas said...

The Govs. speech about art makes about as much sense to me as the picture that accompanies the article.