Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Why business goes to China

Kids' lemonade stand shut down after competitor complains
Police shut down the lemonade stand on Salem Common after the sausage man complained that the boys didn't have a permit and were taking customers away from him.

Lieutenant Scott Englehart says police had no choice but to enforce the rules. But he says it's "ridiculous that little kids can't sell lemonade."

These kids got a real life lesson on the way that government works with business. Pointless rules, constant regulations and random enforcement. This is a microcosm of the problem of government involving itself in every facet of the free market.

Why would little kids need a permit to sell lemonade? Does government want their application fee? Do they want to tax them? This is ruining America. The parents of these kids are probably trying to teach them cost/profit and general capitalist principles but government stepped in and said NO.

I for one always make a point to buy lemonade/water/cookies from the stand that the neighborhood kids put up. The kids get excited and I know they are learning something.


Robin said...

I heard about this on last night on the radio.
They said they resolved their differences by allowing the children to subcontract with the vender thus both of them receive money from the sales.

That is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Were so F'd its not even funny anymore.

Daniel said...

This really isn't funny.