Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Traffic doesn't seem to get better?

Perhaps you were driving home last night, listening to Michael Savage, and when listeing to the news breaks on the half-hour you came to the realization that the traffic report is never good. Ever.

I love how we have gotten to the point where the traffic guy reports on "normal slowdowns" meaning you are going 20mph in a 55 zone. Anyway, you hear this report and this time it dawns on you. You look to your left and you see room to expand the road, you look to your right and you see room to expand the road. Then you wonder to yourself: What does ODOT do with all that money they have?

ODOT Pedestrian & Bicycle Program

Well, $4,958,679 went to "grants" for bike programs. If perhaps you are thinking that hey, it cost money to strip the bike lanes and stuff like that don't worry. This is not ODOT's budget for bikes, these are just grants they awarded various cities/counties to do something special in one location.

For instance, a "Bike Signal at E Burnside and 41st Ave" cost $147,900 to build. I'm not sure what a "bike signal" is or why it costs $150k but Portland is getting one on East Burnside and 41st.

So your stuck in your car and don't speak English you say? Never fear, your friendly state agency has printed up a Spanish Bicycle Manual for you. Yes, just think, while you are sitting in traffic wasting gas your gas tax dollars were paying state workers to translate a bike manual into Spanish.


Al said...

Does the manual explain why and how to avoid riding your bike into fast traffic when you are stupid and drunk?

Daniel said...

No habla. Traffic no es bueno. Please show me way to DMV and liquor store por favor.