Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oregon DHS: Strapped for cash?

DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council
The Mission of the Department of Human Services Diversity Development Coordinating Council (DHSDDCC) is to ensure that DHS builds an organizational culture and workforce that is culturally competent and inclusive. The Council is multi-functional and works closely with the Diversity Coordinator...

DHS Budget
I'm not positive that I am reading this right but it looks like DHS expects to get $9,567,100,356 for the 2005-07 biennium. This will fund 9,533 positions. With jobs like "Diversity Coordinator" (Marita Baragli) and "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" (Open position) and "affirmative action officer" (Travis Richard) I can see why they need so much money.
Can't Marita and Travis handle the whole "diversity" thing by themselves? Do they really need a "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" who makes $59736 annually? Couldn't that 60k go towards helping the needy?

Various source links:
PREVIOUS POST LINK (Cultural Competency job listing)

Note: All positions that should be eliminated are highlighted in red


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