Sunday, March 13, 2005

Perhaps Syria could lead...

WashPost editor's candid China interview (WND)
In an interview certain to confirm many Americans' concerns that the elite media establishment is less than patriotic, the managing editor of the Washington Post told China's official People's Daily Washington correspondent Yong Tang, "I don't think U.S. should be the leader of the world."

"One of the jobs of our correspondents in Baghdad is to tell our readers what the Bush administration is trying to hide," Bennett said. "Bush says democracy is advancing in Iraq, but our correspondents say the situation there is much more complex than that."

Yes... much more "complex" than that. I can't really explain it because it is sooooo "complex." Way too "complex" for your feeble minds.

Bennett then compared the resistance he has experienced from the U.S. government with the way the totalitarian government of China has stifled the press there.

Because Bennet has been imprisoned and tortured. He hasn't? He's the toast of "inside the beltway" cocktail parties? I guess that could be considered torture... at least to normal people.

He also acknowledged that the media are out of touch with the religious values of the American people.

Now I'm just confused.

Bennett assured the interviewer that his paper never characterizes China as a dictatorship.
"We don't use these words on the paper anymore," he said. "Now we say China is a Communist country only because it is a fact. China is ruled by the Communist Party."

But they also refer to killing babies as "choice," illegal aliens as "undocumented workers" and needle exchange programs as "drug rehabilitation."

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