Thursday, March 10, 2005

A disappointed media

Many of you have heard of the tragic killings of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother. You have heard so much about this story not just because the family of a federal judge was killed but because the perpetrators were thought to have been white supremacist. No, no, Senator Byrd was not suspected, it was other white supremacists. The media worked itself into a tizzy about how the Klan was coming back, hate groups were going to operate with impunity, and perhaps even Hitler was going to be resurrected. Of course this was all speculation. If a similar incident happened and a minority or minority group was blamed without evidence the accuser would be locked up for hate crimes. But no, the media loves to talk about "hate groups" making a comeback because it shows just how much we need affirmative action, quotas, and money set aside for minority and women owned businesses. Pay no attention to the fact that when these white supremacist make a public appearance there are more protestors than klansmen (with the exception of Senator Byrd) and that our own local "hate group" is so cowardly that they resort only to throwing pamphlets with Mexican jokes onto people's lawns in the dead of night. Clearly these people could start lynching again at any minute.
But now, it turns out that white supremacist apparently did not have a hand in the killings. Apparently it was a man whose lawsuit was dismissed by the judge. The question I want you to ask yourself is this: If some guy who had a swastika flag at his house had been arrested for this killing, what page of your local Fishwrapper would this story be on? Since it wasn't a white supremacist, what page do you think it will be on?

Nicholas Kristof wrote an op-ed about this today not knowing the real culprit
Homegrown Osamas

Reuters on the suicide of the man now suspected in the killings.

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FKNA said...

It's absolutely ridculous. The guy that they kept on talking about, the one awaiting sentencing received so much speculation press was riduclous.

Yet when the real killer is found, it barely gets mentioned.