Monday, March 14, 2005

Less cutting, more commisions

GOP Senator Would Block Medicaid Cuts
A moderate Republican is trying to strip all $14 billion in Medicaid cuts from the Senate's $2.56 trillion budget, testing the GOP-run Congress' appetite for trimming spending as President Bush has proposed.
As the Senate began debating the budget Monday, Republicans struggled behind the scenes to head off the amendment by Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. Should Smith prevail later this week, it would mark an embarrassing rejection of one of the pillars of Bush's budget and raise questions about how much deficit reduction the GOP can achieve...
Instead of cuts, Smith wants to create a commission to study Medicaid's problems and report back in a year.

A government employee want to create a commision to "study" something and report back in a year? Annual Report: "We need more time to "study" because we have no real jobs and this is a pretty cushy gig."

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