Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Don't punish them for breaking the law..

Oregon eyes tuition break for illegal immigrants
A controversial bill that would allow certain students who are not legal citizens to pay in-state tuition at Oregon's seven public universities got a hearing in front of legislators yesterday...
...Silvio Poot, 20, said his family moved illegally to Portland.
"My dream was to go to high school, and I did it. I'm a senior," Poot said.
Poot works eight hours a day after a full day at high school to support himself and help his family. He wants to attend college and said this bill would help him and others in his situation.

Tell us who your employer is Poot... I really want to report them. This bill would allow someone from Mexico to pay less for an education at U of O or OSU than a resident of Vancouver, Washington. Or Idaho. And these people are criminals!!

More supporting evidence that we are at war with Mexico:
"Mexico is pleased with President Bush's action," said Arturo Dager, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Mexico City. "It no doubt will have an important impact for Mexicans in the United States."
What is Mexico so pleased about? The possible overturning of death sentences for people like Jose Medellin who gang-raped and killed two girls, 14 and 16. What "important impact" did this have on those two girls and their families?

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Washington Post (no mention of what the defendant's crime was)

Please write your local legislators and tell them to vote NO on the in-state tuition bill and write President Bush and tell him you are disgusted that he is cowtowing to foreign influence on what we do with our convicted criminals.

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