Monday, March 28, 2005

New Mac Johson column

Have Faith in Social Security? Then Have I Got a Deal for You!
Excellent questions. Socialist Sincerity is so simple even a Democrat can use it. You simply send to me (under irrevocable legal obligation and threat of imprisonment) a large chunk of your earnings every week for your entire life. Then, when you reach retirement age --which I currently am going to say is "67", but I can change to any number I want later-- I will send you guaranteed monthly payments in an amount I will determine at a future date! This amount will be based on my financial situation at the time and my fickle spending priorities (which could include invading my uppity neighbor's backyard, turning my driveway into an enormous underground highway system so that I don't have to look at it, or building a chain of monuments to the founder of Socialist Sincerity).

Wow, this sound like a great deal! (As long as they never break "the promise")

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