Thursday, March 17, 2005

Superintendent Castillo celebrates abortion at a strip bar

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception
April 5th, in Salemwith Superintendent Susan Castillo
Join us for Cocktails for Choice with State Superintendent of Public Instruction SUSAN CASTILLO 300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
Volunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
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*Edit* The link was messing with my sidebar so I put the URL in the LINK itself. Also has changed their site to reflect that Ms. Castillo has now said that she will not attend the abortion rally held at this venue. It now says that State Representative Mary Nolan will be the keynote public official.

OK, so Superintendent Susan Castillo (emphasis added to show that she is obviously appearing in her official capacity) is going to have "Cocktails for Choice" at Club 300. I think that alcohol is fitting for this "celebration" as many women get drunk, have sex, and then use abortion as birth control. So if you wanted to join these people you would go to the "Right Side Showbar." Hmmmm, what's that? LINK: Oh, it's a strip club. So Oregon's Superintendent of Public Instruction is going to go drinking at a male strip club. On a Tuesday. What a role model.
Would you want this woman in charge of your daughter's education? Is this woman fit to shape young minds? Should she be allowed to make choices on curriculum? If she wants to drink and look at naked men dancing shouldn't she be doing it as private citizen Susan Castillo in a more private manner?

Send a letter to Superintendent Susan Castillo:
Send a letter to the editor of The Oregonian about this:

But come on Daniel, surely there must be some good things about 300 Club...
Oh yeah, "Men's Night" with $1 Pounders, and dancers with a $2 cover!!! Wow! Why wouldn't all public eductaion officials be going there?

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And a personal note to you Superintendent Castillo, I hope you are reading this, I think that you are a degenerate not fit to run an ant farm. You are a poor example to children and should step down immediately.

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jwalker said...

This is a copy of the letter I just sent to our head cheese, Ms. Castillo:

I am reading on the internet that you are going to go to a fundraiser at "Club 300" which appears to be a male strip club. I also get a sense that this is a pro-choice fundraiser. I don't know how much of this is true, one can't believe everything that is on the internet. This may all be false, but if any or all of this is true, as a teacher, I have an opinion. If this is all a lie, then what I am going to say next doesn't apply and I apologize.

If any teachers in any town were caught going to a strip bar, we would be under fire, and rightly so. We are the educators. Kids need us to set a better example. You are our leader and have to answer to a higher code of ethics.

As a Christian and educated woman, I think abortion is murder. The only good thing about it is that some babies get to go straight to Jesus and get to skip the abusive, drug saturated lifestyles of their parents. It is still wrong. I expect a leader in your position to at least stay neutral on the subject in public. Not all of your teachers are left-wing card carrying Liberals Ms. Castillo.

Please quit giving the critics of the education system more ammunition against us. Our job is hard enough. This isn't a game we are playing...the childrens' welfare is at stake.

Respectfully, and hoping the rumors are false,
Jeanine Walker
Bandon Schools

Daniel said...

I really appreciate your comments Ms. Walker. I would be proud to have my children in your classroom.
While I definitely appreciat your cautiousness when it comes to "internet rumors" I have provided links to two different sites, a democratic blog, and that both include the infomation on this. I believe this to be true.
That is a great letter you wrote and I would recommend you also submit it as a letter to the editor at The Oregonian.

Gene Evans said...

March 18, 2005

Castillo Statement on NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception

SALEM – State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo:

“When I accepted the invitation to speak at this event, I was unaware that the 300 Club featured adult entertainment. In fact, it is the same location used by the Salem Lions Club for their meetings, and I spoke to the Lions just last month. I assumed it was used for other civic organizations. I am supportive of NARAL and Pro-Choice Oregon, but given the new information, I do not support their choice for the event site.

I am proud to serve as Oregon’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, and I am committed to the success of all students in the state. It would be inappropriate for me to attend or give the appearance of support for this location.”

-- End --

jwalker said...


I agree that you probably did your homework. I think as a person working under Ms. Castillo I was trying to be offense meant. My brother is in the internet news business and I know how hard you guys work to be right. You have to be or your credibility gets shot.

Thank you for the compliment. Not related....Schiavo case is very sad. How I would hate to be her parents at this moment and in the days to come.