Monday, March 21, 2005

Castillo vindicated... on this issue

While I disagree with Superintendent Castillo's politics, worldview, and pretty much everything, I can't call her a liar. It turns out that the building on 300 Liberty Street is home to the Four Seasons Resturaunt. Several good groups meet there including the Lions Club and Kiwanis Club. The adult entertainment in the building is featured in the right side showbar as opposed to the resturaunt. The NARAL event is being held in the strip bar.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon ReceptionApril 5th, in Salemwith State Representative Mary NolanJoin us for Cocktails for Choicewith State Representative MARY NOLAN300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or mari@prochoiceoregon.orgVolunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or

But Ms. Castillo has declined to participate for that reason. I still think it is inappropriate for the Superintendent of Public Instruction to lend her name and job title to any abortion rally because it has nothing to do with education but one of my earlier posts indicated that I though Ms. Castillo was lying about the Lions Club using that venue for their meetings when they do meet at that address. (Though not in the right side showbar) So we were both right.

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