Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Come out and say it: Bolton is the Devil

Evil comes in many forms and often in disguise. So it is a great relief to me that a simple google news search for the words "Bolton" and "UN" reveal the following news headlines:
No friend of the UN (Boston Globe)
Hawkish Bolton Nominated as UN Ambassador (ABC News)
Official: Bush Nominates Hard-Liner Bolton UN Envoy (Reuters)
Mixed Signals Over Bolton's UN Nomination (Security ProNews, KY)
Bad choice for UN (Newsday, NY)
Global gorilla (Salon)
Bush pick for UN meets skepticism (Aljazeera, Qatar)
Bush Pick For UN Post Sparks Outcry (TheDay)

Wow, John Bolton must be the Devil. What has Mr. Bolton done to spark such "outcry" you ask? He had the nerve, no the gall, to have an unfavorable opinion of the United Nations who hate Jews. But wait you say, isn't the United Nations who hate Jews currently under investigation for sex trafficking of minors? Aren't they involved in an oil-for-kickbacks, I mean food, scandal? Isn't this the same organization that refuses to call the genocide in Sudan a "genocide?" Doesn't Libya chair the UN "Human rights commission?" Doesn't the UN clearly hate Jews?

The answer to all those questions is yes. John Bolton has been an open critic of this laughable world body and now our mainstream news media and the Dems in congress want his head. Even the terrorist loving news network Al Jazeera had a softer headline than some American press.

I for one love this nomination and hope that he throws the United Nations who hate Jews out of this country. When my local Daily Dead Fishwrapper had not one, but two editorial cartoons on the same day blasting this man I knew that I might like him even more than I liked Ashcroft.

Please write your Senators (the link to the right) and tell them to support this nomination.

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