Monday, March 07, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

The End of American Exceptionalism
A Constitutional protection intended to prevent capricious courts from sentencing people to being boiled in oil or burned at the stake was thus invoked to overturn the standing laws of 40% of our states -- laws that had been voted upon and signed by popularly-elected legislatures and governors. Knowing that 20 out of 50 can hardly be considered freakishly unusual, however, the court took their logic to an even more disturbing conclusion: such sentences must be wrong, it said, because they would make America different from the rest of the World.

The use of foreign laws/legal decisions/precedents is a disturbing trend. The fight for judicial nominations is going to be very important! 5 - 4 decisions like this could start ruling our way if we can replace a Ginsburg or Breyer with another Thomas or Scalia. Write your Republican Senator and encourage them to use the "nuclear option" to keep obstructionist Democrats from filibustering the President's judicial nominees.

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