Saturday, March 19, 2005

Is Castillo lying?

I was unable to find a Lions Club that meets at Club 300 so I have emailed several chapters to inquire if they have heard of any Lions Club using this venue.

Below is the first response:
No clubs in Salem meet at that location. Blogs are blogs.
BettyLevenhagen, Region 1, Zone 2 chair

This was what I wrote:
I recently discovered that our state Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo was going to hold an abortion rally at Club 300 in Salem. Club 300 is a male strip club. Ms. Castillo is now claiming that she did not know that Club 300 was an adult venue and that the Lions Club meets there regularly. Can you confirm that your chapter, or any chapter of the Lions Club meets at this location?
Daniel [my last name]
See the story on Ms. Castillo at:

Obviously Ms. Levenhagen does not think much of blogs but her answer contradicts the press release issue by Superintendent Castillo. See LINK

Perhaps Ms. Castillo can provide the contact information for the Lions Club that meets there so we can verify her claim.

My search was done here: LINK
I have emailed all Salem chapters.


jwalker said...

Thinking about all of this has led me to one conclusion. It wasn't really smart of Ms. Castillo to come out in favor of something like abortion, because it has nothing to do with her job. People like myself probably would have re-elected her in the future. But now that I know how strongly she feels about abortion, I just can't vote for her. Why would anyone enter the fray of such an explosive subject if they didn't have to do so? Maybe she has other political aspirations.

Daniel said...

It is definitely not appropriate to come out in favor of abortion as superintendent as it has nothing to with education. She could come out in favor of multiple choice tests or against NCLB if she wants but abortion is not in her jurisdiction. I could never vote for this woman.