Monday, March 28, 2005

Mini "Gay Day" at Disneyland on April 2nd

MINI GAY DAY: Saturday, April 2, 2005
The Happiest Place on Earth becomes the gayest too!

Good idea, let's celebrate sexuality at a children's theme park. If you are gay and you want to go to Disneyland then go to Disneyland. But don't flaunt your sex life in front of children.

After a long day in the park, why not sit back and enjoy a nice cocktail—or five—perhaps with that new friend you met at the Single Riders Gather?

Great idea, drink five cocktails at a children's resort! Way to be role models. (This is probably why nature doesn't let gays have kids)

Perhaps their photo galleries of previous "gay day" events are somewhat tasteful and reflect the fact that Disneyland is a children's theme park and not a sexed up S&M lounge...

OK, maybe not. Mickey Mouse never wore a Speedo...

Homosexuals who insist on wearing sex on their sleeve at a place for children are despicable. These idiots are not making a political point, they are corrupting young minds. I would feel the same way if a straight woman were to walk around dressed like a prostitute.
Crossdressing, dancing in speedo's, and getting drunk are all things that these degenerates could do in the privacy of their own home but instead choose to put it in children's faces.


GayRightsWatch said...

As if straights don't "flaunt their sexuality at a children's park" every day at Disney? Seriously those perverted straights do not need to "wear their sexuality on their sleeve". Uggh! Sick! Heteros!

Give me a fucking break.

Daniel said...

Perhaps an example of how straights flaunt their sexuality at a children's park (such as wearing speedo's) would help me understand.
I'm also curious about your positions on "tolerance" since your own blog is clebrating the poor health of Rev. Jerry Falwell. Why would you want someone to have health problems and die? Because he disagrees with you? I'm sure I disagree with you on things, do you want me to have health problems? I certainly don't wish you any harm.

shane said...

Without getting into an argument, I do believe that what the pictures are representing is not presented in front of children. I did not see any children present in any of those pictures so please make a different argument. It is my belief that the younger children are exposed to any different culture, the more accepting of said culture they will be. I think acceptance is all any gay person can really ask for at this point. Stop punishing.