Friday, March 11, 2005

Affirmative action kills

Three Shot to Death at Ga. Courthouse
(AP News, My Way)The suspect got the gun by overpowering a sheriff's deputy while he was being escorted within the courthouse, Assistant Police Chief Alan Dreher said.

Left out of this story is that the Sheriff's deputy was a woman. Now there are definitely the occasional amazon but women are generally referred to as "the weaker sex" for a reason. Now I am very traditional in my views of gender roles (feminists would call me a chauvinist pig) and I am saying that this woman had no business being a cop. But, and this is especially true in government jobs, we see pressure to "diversify" the workforce. If this Sheriff's department didn't have X number of female deputies then the "civil rights" people would have complained. I have no problem with a woman being a cop as long as she passes the same rigorous testing that a man has to. That means when it is time to do 100 push-ups, the woman doesn't get to do them on her knees. When doing a fireman's carry she has to lift the same weight as a man. Generally speaking this will keep more woman out of the police force but the upside to sacrificing that "diversity" is that PEOPLE WON'T DIE!!!
We pass special laws to protect women because we recognize that men are more powerful but when it comes to employment we want to put them on equal footing and they are not. Answer this question: When facing down a homicidal rapist would you rather have a man or woman (of equal size and weight) on your side?

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