Friday, March 25, 2005

Oregon colleges "ignore God" the most!

Colleges where students 'ignore God' lauded
In its critique of the best U.S. colleges, the Princeton Review suggested schools where students "ignore God on a regular basis" uphold the implied virtue of "diversity" better than institutions where they "pray on a regular basis."

See Chart: LINK

What are the top two colleges that "ignore God" the most? Oregon's own Reed College and Lewis & Clark College. LINK

A little about Lewis & Clark:
Lewis & Clark offers fascinating "gender studies" as a class:
Building on Lewis & Clark’s commitment to gender issues and gender balance across the curriculum, the College offers a model program in this emerging field. Lewis & Clark’s gender studies program was the first of its kind in the country and has achieved national recognition. Courses range from studying the treatment of sexes in literature and art to discovering sex biases in education and workplaces. A sampling of courses includes: Women and Men in American Society, Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, and Feminist Theory.
A course on "Feminist Theory" is just what I've been waiting for.

But does Lewis and Clark prepare kids with their "Political Science" course?
Examples of student internships
Americans for Democratic Action.
Face the Nation, CBS News.
USA Today, polling division.
National Mining Association.
American Civil Liberties Union.
Portland city commissioner.
Bonneville Power Administration.
That's a well balanced list...
But does Lewis and Clark College have anything to do with God?
At Lewis & Clark, the study of religion is defined as a field of investigation distinct from religious practice...Lewis & Clark’s Department of Religious Studies has chosen to focus on the study of religion as a social and cultural phenomenon.

A little about Reed:
The Reed "multicultural center"
Reed College offers an educational program based on "an honest effort to disregard old historic rivalries and hostilities between the sciences and the arts, between professional and cultural subjects, and, I might add, the formal chronological cleavage between the graduate and the undergraduate attitude of mind."
University professors who can't get real jobs have to talk like that.
All freshmen are required to take first-year humanities (110), as are those transfer students who have not completed equivalent transferable courses.
Is there anything less worthless than liberal arts education? Anything?

Having the top two colleges where "Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis" in my home state is depressing. Having seen what kind of people come out of Lewis & Clark is even worse.
Actual statement from L&C kid during argument with me over whether downloading music in violation of copyright laws is stealing: "Some people don't know stealing is wrong..." Yikes.

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