Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rep. Nolan to celebrate abortion at strip bar!

Superintendent Castillo had the brains to leave this one alone but not State Rep Mary Nolan!

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Reception
April 5th, in Salemwith State Representative Mary Nolan
Join us for Cocktails for Choicewith State Representative MARY NOLAN300 CLUB, 300 LIBERTY ST. SE, SALEM, the Right Side Showbar, Tuesday, April 5th, 5-7PM, No Host Bar. Suggested Donation $10. Please RSVP to Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or
Volunteers needed for this event. Please contact Mari at (503) 223-4510, ext. 17 or

Source: (Scroll down a little)
Of course NARAL still says that Castillo is coming... LINK

Contact info for Ms. Nolan:
Capitol Phone:503-986-1436

Send a letter to the editor of The Oregonian:

Why am I outraged that a public official is giving their name and public job title to this event? Because Club 300 is a male strip bar.

See my previous link on Ms. Castillo's decision to participate and then her change of heart...


jwalker said...

Well, in order to be fair, here is the letter I sent to Rep. Nolan. hope this expresses your sentiment. (By the way, did you see the Schiavo nurse affidavit on Orbusmax? Very interesting. Thank God for George Bush and the conservatives!!!)

Ms. Representative,

Respectfully, are you folks even trying anymore to relate to your conservative population?

Let me make this clear, one more time in case you have missed it.

We Christian Conservatives are educated, family-oriented caring people who believe RESPECTING the God-given freedoms we have is paramount.

We don't approve in any way, shape or form Abortion OR Strip Bars. I hope you keep all of this in mind when you make your choices. It just gives us more fuel for the fight against your re-election. I may not be in your district, but there are many people like myself who feel the same way.

On a personal note, I am a teacher; I think our job is very challenging. I am always trying to get our boys and girls to stop and think about more than just temporary things like money and shallow attention from the opposite sex. Stripclubs are becoming more and more acceptable in our society, especially by this 3rd MTV generation. Seeing our elected public officials who have sworn to keep the best interest of our children in the forefront going to stripclubs to raise money for Abortion just made my job a little harder. Thanks alot.

Daniel said...

Very well said!

jwalker said...

We try.