Thursday, December 08, 2005

ITIN is ONLY for illegal aliens

A conversation I had today made me want to find out exactly how many ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) had been issued in the last several years. While that number has proved elusive, (I'm not even sure where to direct my public records request) I have found some interesting stuff:

IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Application Requirements Have Changed
If you are legally employed in the U.S. you must have an SSN and should not apply for an ITIN.

So having an ITIN is proof that you are violating the law. It seems ridiculous that our federal government would issue a number only for people who are illegaly working. This is really a shocking document to me. Other places on the IRS website try to beat around the bush with regard to who needs an ITIN but here the just came out and said it.

Information for State Departments of Motor Vehicles
Several state government motor vehicle departments are accepting IRS -issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) as proof of identification for state driver’s licenses, prompting us to issue this reminder -- ITINs are not valid for identification outside the tax system.

Although we require ITIN applicants to provide proof of identity documents, we accept these documents at face value without validating their authenticity with issuing agencies or conducting applicant background investigations. We do not require applicants to appear in person and third parties may submit applications and provide documentation on behalf of others.

In other words, you could apply as James Bond and they will issue you an ITIN. They will not question you. This .pdf goes on to detail the dangers of state DMVs giving drivers licenses to people whose identity you can't verify... like say, they are using a Mexican Matricula card.

NOTE: Thanks to the commentor who pointed out the incorrect link. (I always have 7-8 windows open when doing research) My error. The DMV link from the website is working now.


Anonymous said...

Daniel -- do you have the direct link to the second set of text in your post? It looks like memo or notice to dmv offices or something? The link in the title doesn't take one right to the full text, and I couldn't find it in the website.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't find an email for you. Check out Willamete Week ( They have a long article about illegal aliens. The context of the article paint them as victims.

Thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

For your information, since 1999 to 2004 the IRS has issued 7,500,000 so that Illegal aliens are able to file for child care and earned income credit which is a transfer of wealth to those illegals. I have asked my Congressman J.D. Hayworth of AZ to give me figures on the difference between what was owed and what was received back in credits to be able to fight this BS that they pay taxes. So far he has not responded. I am a novice at this blogging and don't know how to link to other blogs but I will give you my Email and Blog sight so you can see what I have been putting out. Email is and my blog is Let me know what you think?

Colt '45 said...

I'm so sick of all this preferential treatment. STOP APOLOGIZING FOR ALL OF THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!! What's happening to this country? I'm so tired of all special treatment of blacks and Mexicans! It's unfair. It's unamerican. It's unfair to all of the minorities who actually work for a living.

Read this absurd story in the LA Times.,0,2122492.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Daniel, keep up the good work

Allen said...

The Wille Week story does confirm that Illegal Aliens are also becoming victims by being forced to perpetrate crimes on US Citizens.

The stories bottom line is how those South of our Border are exporting their Lawless and Criminal Culture to the US.

All the more reason to close the Mexican Border.

Daniel said...

Anon #1, fixed. Thank you.

Anon #2, thank you. I hadn't seen that yet. What can you expect from those guys though.

ndoran, do you have a source link for that 7,500,000 number? I would be very interested. Nice blog. You have some good stuff!

colt'45, it is un-American. And the endless discrimination lawsuits are ruining bussiness opportunities here.

Allen, closing the border would be a huge step. Stopping the ITIN program would be another.

Candice B. said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dumb Daniel,

ITIN is mostly for people:
(a) who are legally resident aliens, and
(b) are not permitted to work, and
(c) may file tax returns.

Example: Spouse of a "non-immigrant worker".

Check your facts!

Anonymous said...


Although there are illegal aliens who have ITIN numbers, it is unfair to say ITIN is "ONLY" for illegal aliens. In the anxiety of writing something sensational you are missing the facts. I am a legal non-immigrant worker and my spouse(legal dependent) cannot work and for tax purposes MUST apply for ITIN. As per the stimulus package if one of the spouse does not have a SSN neither of them get any money. Thanks to people like you.

Truth is important but in pursuit of it one cannot spread lies to others.

Anonymous said...

Daniel,check your facts again, I came to this country legally with my family to work on critical computer projects, I had a SSN but my wife and child had to get a ITIN for me to file my taxes, no illegal stuff here, I am sure their are people who misuese any system but to make very body out as criminals are not right, by the way after 12 long years and thousands of dollars later we are now proud US citizens, again check your facts before inciting hate..

Anonymous said...

How much crack cocaine do you go through in a day?

I am an internationally recognized professional who has an H1B Visa to work in this stupid country!! My wife, however, is here on a H4 visa given that she would like to be with me while I endure the pain of living in such a stupid place. As a result of her H4, she can only get an ITIN..... She is not an illegal immigrant but due to the shear ignorance of the average American we continue to be discriminated against. As a result of this crap we are planning our return to a civilized country north of here.

Anonymous said...


You are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hello author,
What an ignorant article?
Legal immigrants who can't get an SSN for specifc reasons can get an ITIN. Dont write stupid articles about things you don't know and make more people ignorant like you.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - is there no limit to the crack you're willing to ingest?

Why don't you post something that is really true rather than the untruths that you are spreading.