Saturday, December 03, 2005

The protest

We'll start with some pictures and captions, then I'm going to eat, then I'll do a lengthy post on the successes and failures of this event. I would also point you to The Cheezer to see more pics of this event. Note that the people holding the red signs are illegal alien supporters. PCUN organized a pretty good group of people who don't mind criminal activity.

This guy was at least polite to me, I had been trying to get a picture of myself with a supporter of illgal immigration all day and no one would. Of course, he though that I was on their side. At this point I was the last protestor (for our side) there.

The guy in the white hat with the camera is Eric from People for the American way. Apparently no one told him that these were Mexicans, not Americans. He was also unwilling to debate, talk to, or take a picture with me. But I'm still interested Eric...

Click on the picture to enlarge. The counter-protestors, or supporters of illegal aliens, were an interesting bunch. You had socialists, anarchists, union members, and Americans who identify themselves as Mexican. Quote: I was born in American, raised if Fresno, but I'm still Mexican.

Uhh, no you're not. If you were born in Mexico then you are a Mexican. You are an American. (though I'll concede that you are a bad American)

While the event was originally supposed to be held at the local middle school, it seems that the Mexican consulate was scared enough of OFIR that they had to move the venue to the PCUN building at the last minute.

While I had one or two decent conversations, most of the criminal supporters had the maturity of a 9 year-old.

Again, no one was protesting immigrants, we were protesting criminal aliens. But aside, I had several people insist that illegal aliens pay soooo much in taxes and then in their next sentence talk about their poverty. When I informed them that people making less than $30K a year don't pay federal taxes they would end the conversation.

And I'm not sure what the significance of the Mexican flag is, maybe they pay taxes in Mexico?


Anonymous said...

Daniel, thanks for being there and documenting this. I had a terrible cold yesterday and this morning and figured it would not be too smart to go stand in the cold rain for 2 hours. I hope to get to the next event.

I work for a company that is a vendor to the Clackamas county health clinics. I can say that at least 50% of their "clients" are Mexican illegals. This whole debate is not just about a few illegals that come here to work the crops or whatever and then go home. That might be OK, but we are talking about families receiving benefits that even I as a lifelong Oregon resident have never received.

And now I read on Yahoo news that Howard Dean is saying that the GOP is using the illegals as a scapegoat to get elected. Wow. This guy has no clue as to how the average american feels about this issue. As if we should just ignore the invasion and be happy with it?

Daniel said...

While Howard Dean says that our Republican "leaders" are insisting that we should not oppose illegal immigration.

Tony said...

Which Republican leader said "do not oppose illegal immigration?"

If you mean Mehlman, that is not what he said at all.

He said to resist being "anti-immigrant." Im not anti immigrant. You arent anti immigrant. We just all oppose illegal immigrants. That is perfectly legitimate.

Daniel said...

Tony, is was very clear about what he was talking about. Since no one is "anti-immigrant" that leaves only those of us who are anti-illegal immigrant.

"Ken Mehlman urged his party Thursday to oppose rising anti-immigrant sentiments in the debate over border security and illegal immigration"

This is the debate that we are having. Mehlman is on the wrong side.

Tony said...

I disagree.

Politicians often will make comments without really saying anything.

Mehlman sounds (to the Mexican, and unfortunately increasing segment of our voting bloc) sensitive by stating the obvious. However, he is not suggesting a soft stance on ILLEGAL immigration.

Proof? Last week, a speech in CA - he talks again about all the virtues of IMMIGRATION, then goes into a speech about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. His speech excerpt follws:

“That’s why controlling our borders is critical to protect all Americans—wherever we’re from, whenever we got here.

“And it’s why George W. Bush has offered a comprehensive proposal to reform our immigration system.

“First, we must control our borders. We need more people, more technology, and more money at the border. There can be zero tolerance for illegal immigration, and porous borders.

“Second, we need more interior enforcement. Earlier this year, the President signed the Real ID Act into law to make sure our driver’s licenses and government issued IDs can’t be faked. We need to hold employers accountable for hiring illegal workers, and real IDs will make this enforcement possible.

“Third, we need to ensure fairness to the millions of legal immigrants who entered America the right way, according to the law. It would be unfair to reward illegal immigrants, while those who followed the laws wait in line.

“And, finally, we must find ways to meet our economic needs without encouraging illegal immigration.

“Just last week, there were news reports about jobs not being filled here in California.

“If there are people willing to do jobs, and jobs that need to be done, we should be trying to bring those two together, not keep them apart.

“We can do that by using the same methods and technologies we use to keep terrorists and drug runners from crossing our borders. If we can identify them, we can also identify carpenters and farmers and invite them in when we need them.

“If illegal immigrants fill those jobs, then the community suffers because services like hospitals and schools and roads are used, but the local and state taxes to support those services are not paid.

“And the illegal worker is often the victim too, denied the protection of laws to ensure that he or she is not exploited.

“If on the other hand, we fill our economic needs with legal workers, we all benefit.

So you see, he distinguishes between "immigration" and "illegal immigration". You are quoting from a portion of a speech that dealt with "immigration."

You know I am a border hawk with arguably the strongest statements on illegals anywhere. But I have to disagree with you on this one. Cut Mehlman a break - he is throwing up a needed smokescreen (political cover) to get the job done.

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