Saturday, December 31, 2005

Our replacements

Washington State Partnership Network for Hispanic Workforce Development: An Application of Interactive On-line Learning
Goal: Expand education and workforce training access available to Mexican populations living in Oregon and Washington, USA through trans-national Internet facilitated teaching and learning collaboration.

Note that the goal is not to educate Hispanics as the title suggests, the goal is to educate Mexicans. (aka foreign citizens)

In many US labor market regions, including many in the Pacific Northwest, Hispanic immigrants are the most rapidly growing demographic labor force group and their preparation to fill business and labor skill gaps is critical to regional and national economic growth.

As an American worker I can't say that I'm too thrilled that we are importing "the most rapidly growing" labor force from another country.

Basic literacy and language skills are a current barrier to successful training of immigrants to fill living wage employment opportunities expected to be available within rapidly growing segments of the US and Washington State economy over the next 10 years.

One minute they are "doing the jobs that Americans won't do" and the next we are using tax dollars to help prepare them for "living wage employment." It's very ironic considering that these same elites are the ones who claim that there is a major shortage of "living wage" (what is that?) jobs as it is.

In addition, the initiative will improve the ability of ordinary Mexicans to obtain living wage employment or start successful businesses no matter where they live.

Where they should be living is Mexico. It's not our fault their government ran that country into the ground. They have a huge supply of natural resources and they claim to have a huge hardworking labor force, what's the problem?

This taxpayer funded project even has a flow chart with all arrows pointing to American citizens getting screwed.

It is mind boggling to see how much time, money and effort are going into educating another countries population, especially when they are criminal aliens, when our own education system needs some work.

If you have anything to say about this project contact:

Bill Gillis

Ralph B. Ibarra


Tim Lewis said...

Living wage means making enough to buy that house, SUV, and all the other unnecessary gadgets at Christmas and birthdays.

I work part time at $9 an hour right now. I'm living just fine, and I have student loans to pay off. I don't have to live with 3 other families and I don't have to sell meth on the side to buy bling bling. You can survive on minimum wage. Most people just don't want to. They want stuff.

Tim Lewis said...

On the flow chart...look how everything stems from "Research". Looks like a proposal for stealing taxpayer money if you ask me.

Daniel said...

Living wage can't mean buying an SUV, SUV's are the devil.

And yes, "research" is something for those who majored in philosophy or women's studies in college to actually be able to make a living.

Tim Lewis said...

Oh right...I meant hybrid car.

Daniel said...

Car?!?!?! What kind of polluting, sick capitolist pig are you? Do you want to forever subject workers to corporate personhood and destroy the rainforests?

We will all ride the MAX. (except when it snows, is below freezing, or hits a fire truck) It will be fun. Anyone want to go furniture shopping?

Anonymous said...

i wrote an e-mail to both of those Treasonists. This crap really PISSES ME OFF! How can they get away with helping Mexicans when there are millions of Americans that need job training? Why is our government purposefully helping a foreign nation take over our nation? Do those fing idiots in government not understand that their days are numbered also?

Tim Lewis said...

Maybe we'll all one day have solar powered, thought controlled personal transporters so that we don't have to even move...except then we'd have to think, and realize how stupid this is.

Daniel said...

Thanks for contacting them anon, I appreciate your passion!

Tim, do you read Ann Coulter? I don't remember the exact quote but it was something like this:

"now if they could only figure out how to abort babies with solar power that would be all the democrats would ever talk about"

Anonymous said...

Each day I come here to read Daniel......Daniel is RIGHT, about way too much:

In his chapter La Reconquista in his book "Death of the west", Pat Buchanan contends that an invasion of the United States is taking place and that America now harbors a “nation within a nation.”

• There are 30 million foreign born in the U.S. today, and between 9 and 11 million illegal aliens, or as many undocumented aliens in the U.S. as there are people in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

• Mexico is exporting its poor and unemployed for U.S. taxpayers to employ and educate. Radical and militant Hispanics and Mexican leaders alike believe this will lead to the cultural and demographic recapture of the Southwest from America, reversing the results of The Mexican War.

• By supporting open borders, the GOP is committing suicide. First-time Hispanic voters chose Clinton 15-1 over Dole. Of the seven major immigration states -- Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas and Florida -- Mr. Bush lost five, and perhaps six. Of the 10 states with the smallest share of immigrants, Bush won all 10.

• European-Americans are a minority in America’s most populous state, California, and by 2004, will be a minority in Texas.

• The political agenda of California Hispanics includes race welfare for illegal aliens, racial preferences, bilingual education, open borders, dual citizenship, Cinqo de Mayo as a California holiday, and, in one case, replacing a statue of an American hero of the Mexican War with the Aztec god Quetzacoatl.

• White Americans are fleeing California at the rate of 100,000 a year.

• MeCHA, the student organization that claims chapters on hundreds of campuses has a program that reads like a Mexican version of the agenda of the white-supremacist Aryan Nation.

• In 2001, an Office for Mexicans Abroad in Mexico was providing survival kits with everything from dried meat to anti-diarrhea pills to condoms to Mexicans setting off to break in to the United States .

• As of 2000, there were 8.4 million foreign born in California, as many foreign born as there are people in New Jersey, a primary cause of the state energy and schools crisis.

• Among Third World immigrants, poverty rates and incarceration rates are double and triple what they are among native-born Americans.

Shooting up the flares and waving the flag, Buchanan argues that the 1960s “counter-culture” has become America’s dominant culture, and the iconoclasts of that counter-culture are systematically demolishing America’s history and heritage.

• Under Political Correctness, America’s greatest heroes -- soldiers, explorers and statesmen from Columbus to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson -- are under savage attack as genocidal racists and exploiters of indigenous peoples.

WOW...And I'm concerned about a couple of hundred criminally insane people placed by the state and county next to a grade school in one place near me.


Jack Peek

Daniel said...

Well said Jack!

Robin said...

Hispanic immigrants are the most rapidly growing demographic labor force group and their preparation to fill business and labor skill gaps is critical to regional and national economic growth.

it sure is a good thing that the countries that Hitler invaded did not take the attitude that we are taking with the illegals.

"... with the increasing number of Hitler's troops [population] crossing our borders, we need to set up programs to better assimulate them into our society..."

what's the difference?

our borders are out of control, people are coming here by the millions illegally and were bending over and kissing their...

Gunslinger said...

illegal brown asses?


Anonymous said...


Facts,stats,research from realiable sources do not matter.

The level of hate for Bush is insurmountable.

What needs to happen is another 911, in size and numbers of dead, that hit their own backyards, then they will see what evil we face.

In terms of facts, the only one is we are at war, the side we face will not be appeased, compromised with, or bought off.

So until we face Gods will, and the end of time as we know it, we better hold on as long as possible to this country as hard as we need to do it.

The issue is simply some of us are cowards, some of us think that if we just leave these people to themselfs, they will go away, that will not happen.

I'm against in the strongest terms Bush's stance on the border issue, these people are programmed to remove us with "babies" who learn("Those institutions which are fattened by our brothers to provide employment and political pork barrels for the gringo will do so only as acts of liberation and for La Causa. For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts.").

There are the schools that the Muslims teach at a very early age, that we are to be removed if we do not bend and break, the other army we face will do it for now, remove us without firing a shot.

" Self-Defense against the occupying forces of the oppressors at every school, every available man, woman, and child!" "Occupying forces".....that would be us.

Unlike radical Islam, where they must kill us and break our will to maintain what is ours, the others will simply take us down by sheer numbers, then we will not be able to compromise on anything, because it is also their "EL PLAN DE AZTLÁN",to see us removed as well.

For me, I'm damn glad, at least on one front, Bush is there, I'd hate to see what a "sensetive war" is all about.

Tim Wilson said...


Is the source for each of the bullet items in your post the Buchanan book that you referred to? If the answer is no, could you tell me where you got that information?