Saturday, December 03, 2005

Count the criminals

The head of PCUN told Gabriel Rico of the Statesman Journal that they had about 500 - 700 people today. Here they are:

Somehow, they are able to wait in the line to go inside to get help from the Mexican government and Oregon state agencies, but they are not willing to wait in line to get into this country legally.

And for you supporters that were there, before you tell me that these aren't criminals I would like a statement from you that "There were no illegal aliens at this event." And please, say it with a straight face.


Anonymous said...

next thing you will be saying is that black people should go back to africa....pathetic.

Daniel said...

If someone from Africa is an illegal alien then yes, they should be deported. Citizens and legal immigrants of all colors are welcome here.

Wanda said...

Pathetic is not defending your country against a takeover. Pathetic is the thousands of military that has dies defending our country so that people like you can write in a comment under "anonymous". Too much of a coward to even sign your name?

If you wish to help these people, go to their country and help them take their country back.

Anonymous said...

i assume your talking about iraq? do you mean all those mothers children dying for no reason? do you mean all those boys dying over a lie??? if you call a little mexican boy a threat to our country then there is something wrong with your thinking.

Tony said...

You arent fit to lick the sweat off of our worst soldier's socks, you miserable puke. Don't even invoke their name.

Just because you arent smart enough to understand how a peaceful Iraq will provide a foothold for a longstanding peace, or that letting the country be overrun with people who will overload our capacity to provide services to those who need them, does not make you right.

Do you practice this same philosophy at home? Got bugs taking over your tomatoes? Aw, just let them be. Meth house moving in next door? Aw, let them be.

You are a faceless coward who refuses to answer to the arguments posed to you.

Are you an immigrant? Did you come here legally?