Thursday, January 24, 2008

A challenge to CAUSA

From CAUSAblog's comments section:

All comments are moderated. Comments meant to simply offend others – or that are personal attacks – will either be deleted or the commenter banned from the site. We can disagree with each other and still be respectful. We reserve the right not to post comments from people using fake names and / or e-mail addresses. Be willing to take responsibility for comments you make here.

I posted on their recent story (see parody below) about the new advocacy group to support illegal aliens. I simply said "What makes you think that businesses who hire criminals will make a good PR team?"

I challenge them to post my comment, now and next time. I am not being disrespectful or trying to offend, it's an honest question. I do notice that it is frequently the liberal blogs who disallow the free speech, I'm famously banned from BlueOregon by Kari Chisholm, (who is freqently quoted by the Fishwrapper) while I let all comments stand here.

As always, your insults sustain me.


Rick Hickey said...

Blue Oregon told me to go away too.

Seems they only want fellow Cult members chiming in, not people that use their brains.

I was going to their site weekly, to see what the unshaven brainwashed had to say but now I don't.

They can't beleive that a flood of 3rd world peoples that are happy to get ANY pay will continue to hold down wages of the working legal minorities of America.

Eli Barnhardt said...

I am "disallowed" from two conservative blogs -- Michelle Malkin's and Ann Coulter's. And I have never been offensive.

Anonymous said...

Daniel: Why do you still link to Bruce the Barber's blog? Gross.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just don't have anything good to say. If I had a blog I would disallow you and Rick Hickey as you both keep company with pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - maybe blogs "disallow" you because they don't want racist shit injected into political dialogue...and suggesting that non-English speakers are, by definition, criminals, is racist shit. Own it!

DAVE1 said...

Anon 2:03 am. Have you kept company with Ted K. He kept company with a pedophile named Neil Goldschmidt. I bet you voted for both of them. That makes you a pedophile lover. Are you a pedophile too? How long have you been a pedophile?

DAVE1 said...

Anon 10:08 AM
So, La Raza is not racist? That does mean the RACE! Not RACES! Seems pretty racist to me. What about lately the latino gangs targeting black gangs in LA? Is this not racist? Maybe you are too racist to understand the definition of racist.
In the first paragraph it states the latino gangs are targeting people because of their race. So, only white people can be racist. You better talk to people in LA. And yes, the criminal aliens who are in my country who are not here legally are criminals. I wonder what was going through Dani Countryman's mind as she was being raped and her throat being stepped on. I guess she needed to be raped and murdered to show she was not racist. Why are you not sacrificing your children to show you're not racist. I think you're a racist pig because you have not sacrificed your children to the criminal aliens. You can call me racist too because I hate pedophiles and murderers. When we say illegal aliens, which race is that?

Anonymous said...

Me, BANNED from BlueOregon, Jack Bogdanski, and other COMMMIE blogs.

What goes around, will sometime hit back.

These criminals, that are so supported by these memtioned people, will someday take their jobs, their means to fight them off at the ballot box(LA RAZA),the ability to even defend yourself,,IE GANGS....then you have lost your country(CALIF. IS LOST)then where do we go?, the Muslims are working on that, The Mexicans can then fight off Radical Islam, "what goes around, comes around then.