Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I recommend: stop wasting tax dollars

Recommendations of the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force
Convened by Mayor Tom Potter

1. Create an office of immigrant and refugee affairs, with a multi-ethnic staff...
New city department that will take money from police, roads, etc.

2. Establish a multicultural community center that... offers opportunities for people of different ethnicities to mingle.
Because if government doesn't make a "multicural community center" then people will not have any opportunity to "mingle."

3. Provide additional resources for immigrant and refugee organizations to train or support their constituents in civic engagement.
Give tax dollars to La Raza for "get out the vote" efforts.

4. Conduct a professional evaluation to (1) assess the City’s current Human Resources (HR) policies and practices, and (2) recommend changes that would result in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of multilingual and multicultural staff...
Professional evaluation = someones campaign contributions get rewarded with a consulting job, the rest is just code for "don't hire white males who speak English."

But it doesn't stop there folks, in addition to these valuable recommendations the task force has a list of "what's working" and "what's not."

The City is attempting to diversify its workforce, it is taking more of an interest in helping immigrants and refugees, and it is more frequently funneling funding directly to immigrant and refugee communities, rather than through a third party.

Not working:
In addition, Portland’s immigrants and refugees may be hesitant to interact with someone outside their own culture or to make use of services or facilities that do not exhibit some degree of racial or ethnic diversity. For some immigrants, not seeing someone “like themselves” suggests that the facility, activity, or service is not for people like them.
Not wanting to interact with people "like themselves"... what's that called again? Oh yeah, racism.

Some immigrants and refugees in Portland are dealing with addressing their basic needs for food, clothing, housing, and health care and do not have time and energy to focus on civic involvement, leadership development, or community advocacy.
You know, if I couldn't feed, clothe, house, provide medical care for my family I also wouldn't have time for "civic involvement" (or this blog) because I would BE OUT LOOKING FOR A JOB!

Cost estimates: (keep in mind "the tram")
The task force recommends that the office be staffed by a program manager, three program specialists, and a senior administrative specialist, at an annual cost of approximately $418,000. Annual costs for materials and services would be approximately $93,000, and one-time start-up expenses would be about $29,000.

Costs for the visionPDX community gathering center have not yet been estimated.

In 2007, the City committed $315,000 to the Diversity and Civic Leadership Academy, Diversity and Civic Leadership Organizing Project, and Neighborhood and Community Engagement Initiative. The task force recommends that the City continue to support these and similar programs...

For this recommendation to be effective, it may be necessary for the City to hire an
outside consultant... (campaign contributor or your cousin) to cost approximately $150,000.

Also notable:
In 2007, PDC sponsored six different community home-buying fairs at a level of $10,000 each. The fairs were designed to promote home ownership opportunities to first-time homebuyers, people of color, and—in most cases—non-English speaking households.

This nonsense will be presented in one week:
Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Presentation to City Council
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 6:00 PM
Jefferson High School
5210 N Kerby, Portland


Bob said...

I usually find living in Eugene quite a challenge, but yuo've no idea how glad I am that we don't live near Portland!

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland and pay a heafty sum in taxes every year both in property and payroll taxes and I suppport Mayor Potter's efforts in promoting immigrant rights 100%. You folks that don't live here in the city of Portland have really no say as to what we do in our community. We don't come to your trashy little cities and tell you what to do. If you hate immigrants that much, I suggest you go take some of your lottery money and buy some therapy. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - I assume you'll be there next wednesday to make your voice heard?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59,

Please visit somebody who owns a TV set and watch the news.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 10:59

You arrogant twit. If I don't live in Portland, then my city must be "trashy"? And what's with the "lottery Money" comment?

I don't live in Portland, but I do own and operate a business there, so I think that I have every right to express my opinion as to what goes on in the city. I pay hefty business taxes, a Tri Met tax, the most expensive business licensing fees of any city in the State, etc.

And you're mistaken in your belief that folks here who support the views of this blog are "Anti Immigrant". Nothing could be further from the truth. It's the un-checked ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION that we are opposing, and Mayor Potter and the Portland City Council have demonstrated that they will do everything possible to encourage Illegal Immigrants to flock to Portland and the surrounding area.

It's politically correct jack-asses like you who have hi-jacked a once great city. Rational thought is a distant memory for people like you who instead, think (and vote) for the "feel good" agenda rather than doing what is good for everyone.

Scottiebill said...

Well said, Anthony. Well said!
But don't expect Anon 10:59 to get anything out of your comments. People like that are not open to independent thought, just their own narrow views of how things should be, without regard for the welfare of anyone but the lawbreakers. Anon could well be a candidate for a spot on the board of the ACLU.

Anonymous said...

Last month, we reported on Bruce Benkle, an Oregon anti-immigrant activist who was arrested on five counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct, two counts of sex abuse and two counts of hindering prosecution.

According to an article from yesterday’s Salem Statesmen Journal, additional charges relating to sex abuse and tampering with evidence have been added against Benkle. The article also reported that bail had been increased from $200,000 to $500,000. He remains in the Polk County jail.

Benkle, a well known anti-immigrant activist frequently seen holding signs and taking photos for Oregonians for Immigration Reform at their events, was a regular blogger among Oregon’s top anti-immigrant weblogs.

Dallas Police are still asking parents who have children that had unsupervised contact with Benkle to contact Detective Jerry Mott at 503-831-3527.

OregonGuy said...

I could save the city a lot of dough. Just run out to the soccer field and let them know that if they're legal, where the unemployment office is.

We're done.

What did I save you?

Daniel said...

Wait... did I win the lottery? This is great cause I don't even play!