Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Metro: the culturally insensitive puppet masters

In the lower left corner of this billboard is the logo for our regional government, Metro. Since your tax dollars paid for this ad let me translate: We are Oregonians and we recycle.

What really bothers me is how culturally insensitive this billboard is. On the road where this billboard is placed there are a lot of businesses that cater to Spanish speakers but I notice that the advertisements done by these companies are much different. These ads almost exclusively have a picture of a woman in a bikini on them.

This was taken by me just down the street during a 2008 day labor protest

For Metro to try to advertise to the illegal alien community using pictures of fully clothed women just shows that all the diversity training done so far has been a waste of time.

I'm convinced that the only way for Metro to make up for this multicultural faux pas is for them to make sure that their new employee, the puppeteer, can speak Spanish. Yes, Metro is currently hiring a puppeteer for $14.77 an hour.

The position will be represented by AFSCME Local 3850. You blue collar union boys must be proud.


Anonymous said...

what I also find very interesting is that there are a LOT of items in English with Spanish translation and very seldom is the reverse true.

pretty one sided if you ask me.

of course that is all part of the indoctrination

Anonymous said...

Just a clarification: Any writing in the Spanish language is intended for and directed exclusively at "illegal aliens," the reason being that "illegal aliens" are the only Latinos who speak Spanish.

(This position is, fortunately, bigotry-free and not in any way motivated by racism)


Anonymous said...

Fellow anoy's please focus on the true tragedy of this post. Our tax dollars are beeing wasted on billbards and ads that have fully clothed people on them. Please write your state reps and ask that future spanish billboards have pictures of half naked women.

Anonymous said...

One of your clumsier smear efforts, Miglavs: Linking a recycling public service announcement with Spanish porn? Very clever! Very classy, too. You really know how to stick to the issues, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I like it. And I like it a whole lot more that a racist hates it.

DAVE01 said...

That's funny Daniel. A fucking government paid puppeteer to entertain K-3rd grade children. A better use of our tax dollars would be for the idiot who came up with this idea to have a mental examination. They are obviously very mentally disturbed and probably need a padded room, a straight jacket and lots of medications.

Anonymous said...

Why? Are you getting lonely?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:12, you beat me to my comment.

When I read Daniel's post, I thought, "Uh...why does this guy apparently think that the Spanish language is solely the domain of illegal immigrants?"

You know, I'm not one of those people who goes around calling other people "racist!" in a reactionary manner. But when I see stuff like this from Daniel, my rational mind can only conclude that, yes, there does unfortunately seem to be at least some tinge of racism that colors Daniel's views on the subject of immigration. There's really no other logical explanation for such an illogical sentiment.

And some of you illegal alien activists get frustrated that the general public often refers to you as racists??? Well golly gee...if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck...it's usually a duck.

If you don't want to be labled a racist (which simply causes the vast majority of people to ignore you), then don't say and do things that a reasonable person would construe as racist. Pretty simple, really.

Although in a way, I'm glad some of you - like Daniel - show your true colors often. In all honesty, and as a matter of calculated political strategy, it's much easier to discredit you when you're simultaneously discrediting yourself. And yet, in this regard, I suspect Daniel doesn't even have a clue that when it comes to the battle for public opinion, Daniel is his own worst enemy.

I notice this dynamic often with the type of uneducated "trailer trash" that tends to form the bulk of the OFIR membership. These guys are literally not smart enough to understand that when the public questions your underlying motivations and integrity, your message becomes irrelevant because people simply don't trust you.

Which is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

...that when it comes to the battle for public opinion, Daniel is his own worst enemy.

I agree. Hell, I wish FOX News would give him his own TV show.

Anonymous said...

I think you miss the point! The sign is NOT for those who speak Spanish and other languages too!! It is for people who ONLY speak spanish. It is almost (but not quite) impossible to be here legally and speak no English. It is a requirement for citizenship and to a lesser extent for a green card. So no racism at all except by the people who created the sign and those supporting it.

By the way I speak German! Where is my sign in German? Howracist of Metro

Not a Socialist, history is why said...

WHY the F! am I & US paying for any AD too say that we recycle!!!?

Goodie two shoes for us but why an ad? and why in a foreign language!?
Does this mean that the hispanics and the illegals will now start too recycle? Cause they wouldn't without ads?

OUR government DESTROYED by the DEMOCRATS and their MAFIA UNIONS, have just reminded you with this billboard that they will WASTE every penny of our TAX dollars they can get away with, even when we are in debt!

Why do you all keep letting them do this? YOU keep re-electing these people that are F*&%ing you in the ASS-Wallet.

Yeah - $15/hr to be a puppeteer? really!?

DAVE01 said...

11:07 AM
I think you have it all wrong. The reason that the ads are in spanish is because the main group of people who are not recycling are the hispanics. Look at the criminal aliens who are sneaking across the border, they dump litter all over the south west part of our country. They don't give a shit about any of our laws, why in the hell would they want to improve things in this country. They are here to steal as much as they can.

There have even been articles in the past week or so saying the mexicans are going home to mexico because they have lower unemployment there. That shows you how grateful the illegal mexicans are. People like me have told you criminal alien lovers that they were not here to be Americans. They are here to steal and then leave after we have been sucked dry. While everything was great, they wanted to be like Americans, now that things are in the shitter, they want to be mexicans.

Who the hell can figure out who they will be loyal to next week. Probably whoever offers them the most freebies.

Anonymous said...

I think ...

Even with the first two words of a sentence, Dave still manages to get it wrong.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:22 AM
I don't think, I know you must be a liberal, you need a padded room, a lot of medication and a straight jacket.

How does that suit you? No thinking required there.

Don't forget one last thing, don't breed. We need to save the planet and mankind.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Dave.

DAVE01 said...

Why in the hell hasn't Wu the rapist resigned yet? Typical democRAT behavior.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:12, not the point. The pamphlets, signs, billboards and such that are in spanish ARE directed at illegals. A requirement to be in this country legally is speaking/reading the english language. Perhaps if the same welfare line they stand in every chance they get offered $ to learn english they might. Then again, too much effort. Besides, with every business catering to them by only hiring bilingual employees, why bother, yes?

Anonymous said...

The distasteful images depicting half naked women are used because their culture cares about sex, coronas, drunk driving, parties, knife fights just to name a few. You have to use imagery that entices your target audience. Now, if they really want to create a neck breaking ad, perhaps a 12 yr old girl, I mean child in a bikini holding a corona behind the wheel would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

A requirement to be in this country legally is speaking/reading the english language.

Is it? Is there a law that says that you have to speak and read the English language? And what level of fluency do you need?

Yahya said...

thanks for share!
good article!

Anonymous said...

When a Miglavian says "this country," what they actually mean is: Miglavia.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:12 PM
Speaking and reading English is not a requirement to legally be in this country. Come on, don't you think we have tourists who don't speak English. Reading, writing and speaking English is a requirement for the citizenship test.

However, with the current quality of today's reporters, they just might believe you because they are too lazy and ignorant to look it up. I had to educate the former city manager of Salem on that point several years ago. He called the criminal aliens citizens. What a dirt bag.

ANON 4:56
A very low level of fluency is required as evidenced by the current crop of students from the public education system. It's called a dumb down education system. You can't have a well educated and critical thinking population if you want to control them like the democRATS want. Political correctness is probably the biggest problem.

Obama's choice for Secretary of Education was the clown from Chicago where the kids are idiots and he's trying to replicate the results in the rest of the country. Obama is dumbing down whole generations of American children.

I can't wait to see what history writes about him. We may never have a worst president than Obama.

DAVE01 said...

woo hoo, Wu the rapist gave his letter of resignation to the governor. Hopefully that young girl will get justice if and when that dirt bag is arrested and incarcerated. Put him in general population, I bet they will love him there and he can experience what he did to that young girl.

Anonymous said...

Dave, apparently you must be a product of that "dumb down" education system (I think you meant to say "dumbed-down"), because in all honesty your own writing ability is on-par with an average to slightly below-average 10th grader.

For example, "well educated" is properly spelled "well-educated". (Ironic mistake, isn't it Dave? You must not be "well-educated" enough to know this.)

And when you ask a question like, "Come on, don't you think we have tourists who don't speak English.", that should end with a question mark, not a period.

And you say, "We may never have a worst president than Obama", apparently unaware that the correct word is "worse", not "worst".

In other words Dave, you're actually correct in some regards. In fact, we DO have an education system that creates adults who haven't mastered the English language.

And YOU are "Exhibit A", Dave.

(I find this commonly on the Internet. The most ardent right-wingers, who decry their great patriotism and love for America, ironically seem to struggle with the English language to a far greater degree than the "un-American" left-wingers they hate. I suppose this irony is understandable once you acknowledge that the vast majority of these ardent right-wingers are themselves uneducated boobs. Most of them only have a high school diploma (if that), and thus don't possess the cognitive capacity or critical thinking skills to understand anything beyond a surface level. Including, it would seem, the English language. When people like me point this out, we are called "elitists"...as if being able to communicate properly in the English language makes one an "elitist". God, I really miss the conservatives of 40 years ago, who were principled and not as dumbed-down as today's right-wingers.)

Another Anon said...

And are you expecting that charges will be filed and that he will be tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty, or do you just want to skip all that and "put him in"?

And shall we also assume from your post that you support the rape of inmates? Rape is a crime, Dave, no matter where it's committed.

Tell us: For the gang activity Miglavs engaged in before going straight, should he have been subjected to ... what? Ass-fucking? Forced face-fucking? How many times would have been sufficient for you, Dave?

You either support the rule of law, or you don't support it. You can't have it both ways depending on what side of a prison wall you're on ... not without revealing yourself as a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I loved this comment from yet another dumbed-down right-winger:

"A requirement to be in this country legally is speaking/reading the english [sic]language."

In fact, that is NOT a requirement to be in this country illegaly. But such a sentiment perfectly captures the modern right-wing mentality: If right-wingers merely WANT something to be true...then it magically becomes true!

When and why did the American right-wing become so God-damned ignorant?!?

Anonymous said...

Dave, in accordance with your belief that those behind bars should be subjected to sexual violence, I am wondering what you think would be an appropriate punishment for Bill Sizemore, who pleaded guilty to income tax evasion and is now behind bars. Would a forced blowjob be sufficient? Or do you think it should be a full-blown rape? If so, how many times? Once? Three or four? A dozen?

Give it some thought!

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:22 PM
Thank you for the corrections. I haven't written a lot in over twenty years. I started writing on this blog a few years ago and that is the extent of my writing.

I believe you can learn something from any person. I can even learn something from a liberal/commie/progressive.

There is not a lot of writing needed or required in my line of work. It's mostly technical and problem solving.

I probably should brush up on my writing English, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands.

ANON 1:27 PM
Sometimes the law fails. I've had to take it into my own hands when my family was threatened and felt terrorized and the cops didn't do anything about to protect them.

I am for harsh sentences. The dirt bag that threatened and harassed my mother got an education from me that might last a lifetime. However, he spends most of his time in prison. This little fucker had a criminal record longer than your arm. He had 13 convictions in a 18 month period some years ago. He had convictions for threatening and menacing.

All this was before he terrorized my mother. The law is too lenient on repeat offenders who do multiple minor crimes.

I like the three strikes laws.

For all you folks defending Wu, why did he resigns if it was consensual sex between two adults?

DAVE01 said...


Anonymous said...

For all you folks defending Wu ...

And who would those folks be, Dave? Are you talking about someone on this blog? You're the only one who's even mentioned him in this entire thread. I haven't seen anyone in the press defend him. The Oregonian called on him to resign. Steve Duin, the paper's flagship liberal columnist, has been kicking the shit out of him for years. Who are you talking about? Who are these "folks" you're talking to?

DAVE01 said...


Check out Daniel's post on Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anonymous said...

Okay, I checked it out. What's your point? Nobody in that thread defends Wu, either. There are a few folks who make some critical comments about stupid things you said, but nobody actually defends Wu. Newsflash for you, Dave: Disagreeing with you is not the same thing as "defending" David Wu.

Anonymous said...

The only people that I see that are directly harmed by these Awesome ads are the wealthy 50% of America who pay taxes and the The pepenadores.

Barbara said...

Why in the hell hasn't Wu the rapist resigned yet? Typical democRAT behavior.

Jessica Diggins said...

That's funny Daniel. A fucking government paid puppeteer to entertain K-3rd grade children. A better use of our tax dollars would be for the idiot who came up with this idea to have a mental examination. They are obviously very mentally disturbed and probably need a padded room, a straight jacket and lots of medications.