Thursday, August 04, 2011

You know the permit process is too strict when...

'Pedalounge' party bike stalled due to insurance, permit issues
Portland Pedalounge owner John Boblett is frustrated because he cannot get insurance due to what he feels is a problem with the City of Portland's permit requirements. The City says it's just protecting taxpayers from liability if anything goes wrong.

In short, the City of Portland requires that all for-profit business operating in the public right-of-way have insurance that puts all liability for accidents on the business owner. Boblett says his carrier has declined to issue him insurance specifically because his agent feels the City's language is too broad. According to Boblett's agent, the language includes a stipulation that Boblett would be liable in an accident even if failing City infrastructure was the cause.

Stop. I can't imagine anyone saying that the city of Portland fails to maintain it's road infrastructure. That comment just blew my mind.

Butler confirmed that they've gotten three requests for party-bike operator permits recently. Because of this interest and the fact that the vehicles are new to Portland, the Revenue Bureau has assembled a working group with representatives from the Police Bureau and Liquor Control to learn more about them.

How many different government bureaus does it take to let someone ride a big bike down the street? I actually find this hilarious because the same people who would normally cheer for the endless bureaucracy are now getting a taste of their own medicine.

It turns out that "bike friendly" takes a back seat to "government friendly" in the city of Portland!


Anonymous said...

Been found guilty of racketeering lately? Thrown in jail for contempt of court? If so, Daniel "Rule of Law" Miglavs wants you to be governor! Hey Miglavs, now that Sizemore has officially had tax evasion added to his criminal history, are you still rooting for a Gov. Bill Sizemore? I mean, it's not like he's guilty of driving while Hispanic or anything.

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that the very first post is almost always from a person claiming to hate everything this group stands for. It seems they cannot get enough as they eagerly wait for new posts, clearly starved of human contact due to no life or friends. Lol! Losers!

Lounge Master said...

I have to take responsibility. I fell for the Dick Cheney line from Meet The Press -"My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators." It is true that quite a few citizens and folks at City Hall would love to see the Giant Bike on the streets. But it's damned hard to motivate someone to change the City Code. There needs to be a substantial benefit to the City to do it, or a substantial downside not to do it. The downside would be that Portland will have to explain why they don't have something that Minneapolis or Bend or Tucson has.

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