Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday night randoms

Bill Sizemore for governor! I don't care if he vetoes every bill that comes his way, I just want to see someone with a personal axe to grind with the OEA have control of the executive branch in Oregon. But let's be honest, we're really going to get four more years of Tim Nesbitt as governor.

With regards to the Officer Humphreys situation, at what point did we start to feel sorry for people who fight with cops? You know the saying "people get the government they deserve?" At some point the cops should let the people of Portland get the law enforcement that they deserve. As a side benefit, all the criminals from the surrounding communities, where we actually like cops enforcing the law, will pour into the enforcement free cesspool known as Portland. Assuming that they are riding bikes of course.

Regarding tax increases: Over at BlueOregon (where they hate black people, I keep saying it so it must be true) someone with the "YES on more government spending" campaign has put together a "what the state does" list by county.

Baker County:
Children in public schools: 2,208
People on the Oregon Health Plan: 1,983
Seniors and people with disabilities receiving long-term care (in-home, assisted living, nursing homes): 152
People who received an initial unemployment benefit check in 2009: 639
Released criminal offenders under supervision: 47
Tax filers who make $250,000 or more (households) or $125,000 or more (individual filers): 93

I think their point is that 93 people should pay for all that by themselves. You know, because they are successful. Much like treating the criminal as the victim in the Humphreys case, here we treat folks who are asking the rest of us to pay for their health insurance as a "good number" while the folks who are productive are the "evil number." Damn those 93 people for working so hard.


OregonGuy said...

We keep peeling the onion and wondering what happened to the onion.

Anonymous said...

Well deck the halls and jingle my bells! Christmas has come early this year in the moral wasteland of Miglavia, for here we've got Daniel Miglavs giving us an honest and uncensored look at his real political principles: It matters not that Bill Sizemore is a convicted criminal, guilty of racketeering and having been found in contempt of court on multiple occasions. No, what really counts is that he has "a personal axe to grind with the OEA."

Daniel is fond of showing off his literary chops by quoting Orwell's line from Animal Farm, "Some animals are more equal than other animals," but I think we need a new comandment for the guy who professes such a passion and dedication to the rule of law. I submit the following for your consideration:

"All criminals are criminals, but some criminals are less criminal than other criminals."

"All laws are created equal, but some laws are less important than other laws."

"All criminals are lawbreakers, but you get a break if you have the same personal axe to grind that I do."

Actually, here's the one I think we ought to go with:

"I will not rest until Bill Sizemore is treated like the criminal that he is."

Thanks Daniel. Thanks for being you! I hope your Tuesday night post is read widely and quoted frequently.

Angel said...

Observation notes from Miglavia 11/25/09: Daniel's objections to "illegal aliens" aren't that they're Latino -- er, I mean, that they're illegal immigrants; it's that they don't have a political axe to grind with the OEA.

DAVE01 said...

I like the statement by senator merkely on OEA's homepage:
Senator Merkley: Opponents of Reform "Peddling Lies"
Merkley writes: "Opponents of health care reform are not only peddling lies created by manipulative messengers like Frank Luntz, they're also doing whatever they can to obstruct progress."

It's not reform in the sense that health care will get better. It's reform in the sense that the government will now be making life and death decisions for our children, grand children and grandma and grandpa. I will be curious to see the average life expectancy after twenty years of health care by the government. I wonder how much it will decrease?

I wonder what the lies are? Is one of them that we are going to be taxes now and not get any services or products for six years. How about criminal aliens being allowed health care. How about the one where the messiah says it won't increase our debt. If a democRATS lips are moving, they are lying. Hell, Oregon's economy is in the shitter and now merkely is trying to fuck the whole country up. Oregon voters are morons, they keep electing the same idiots and listen to their lies and expect the different results.

Anonymous said...

How about "All criminals are criminals, but brown criminals are more criminal than white criminals?"

Anonymous said...

Children in public schools: 2,208...Over 800 in ESL, which cost us an extra $3,000 p/year and thanks to Democrats this goes on for 10-12years for each one and they still dropout at a much higher rate anyhow.

People on the Oregon Health Plan: 1,983...AND per the Flyer posted here, over 1,600 of em are Illegal aliens!

Seniors and people with disabilities receiving long-term care (in-home, assisted living, nursing homes): 152...143 are old Illegal's given that one time only Amnesty in 1986, yeah that worked so well we should do it again!

People who received an initial unemployment benefit check in 2009: 639...Per OR. Democrat Law, 2/3 are Illegal aliens, because they are a "resident" of Oregon so they qualify, thought they are doing jobs we won't do?! guess not.

Released criminal offenders under supervision: 47... 42 of them are Illegal aliens, Kimberly McDaniels Mom had to relive the Murder of her kid just last week, thanks to Democrats.

Tax filers who make $250,000 or more (households) or $125,000 or more (individual filers): 93...None of these are Illegal aliens and never will be, at least in recorded income that is.

Yep. you stupid Americans paying for Illegal aliens and allowing your Democrat "leaders" to convince you to pay even more on Jan. 26th. because California is proof that illegals ARE good for the economy, NOT!


Anonymous said...


Scottiebill said...

As to the bleeding hearts that want the police to protect them until the cops have to get physical with the perps, then squeal like a pig caught under a gate, I have what I think could be a good fix for these bleeding hearts. The next time the police are in a position to need physical force, they should back off and call the bleeding hearts to come out and take care of the problem for them. Then we can all see what these clowns can do that the cops shouldn't be doing (according to the bleeding hearts). And, at the same time they cops should call Dan Saltzman and Rosie Sizer to come out to let them handle things.

Only then can the "problem" that the bleeders think they might have be squelched. But we know that none of them would show up, Saltzman and Sizer included, but all of them would just sit back and squeal about how "they would do things differently".

Saltzaman, Sizer, and all the bleeding hearts that love the criminals and hate the cops are losers all.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


4realchange said...

I have to agree with Dave01 ... Oregon voters are morons. They don't seem to grasp the concept of "If you do what you have always done you'll always get what you've always got". It ceases to amaze me that they continue to vote in the people who are bankrupting their state. These idiots in Oregon voted in a new tax bill for businesses because they actually believed that businesses only paid $10 a year in taxes and all that was was propaganda BS on TV. As a result they lost a major corporate relocation to the Portland area and 16,000 new jobs not to mention the thousands of additional layoffs as a result. Wow ... the cool aid must be really good there. Come on Oregon ... become part of the solution and not part of the problem. Your state government needed the money to cover their irresponsible spending and the large salary increases they voted in the year before. Do you all really not know what goes on there? SERIOUSLY?

Steve said...

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