Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The people still don't want gay marriage

Dejection fills ballroom after gay marriage vote
Cecelia Burnett and Ann Swanson had already set their wedding date. When they joined about 1,000 other gay marriage supporters for an election night party in a Holiday Inn ballroom, they hoped to celebrate the vote that would make it possible.

Instead, they went home at midnight, dejected and near tears after a failed bid to make Maine the first state to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot box.

With 87 percent of precincts reporting, gay-marriage foes had 53 percent of the vote in a referendum that asked Maine voters whether they wanted to repeal a law allowing same-sex marriage that had passed the Legislature and was signed by Democratic Gov. John

Special Rights Oregon has just announced that they will push for a ballot measure in Oregon to repeal our preservation of marriage law but chalk up another state where voters, when asked, reject the idea of gay marriage.

It's hard to argue with the undeniable fact that whenever THE PEOPLE, as opposed to the folks who are in theory representing the people, are asked, they say no same-sex marriage.

We have marriage equality: everyone can marry someone of the opposite sex.


Anonymous said...

What do you think filled the hearts of Teabaggers knowing the Hoffman the wingnut lost in upstate New York's congressional district? I am thinking "rejection".

Kaelri said...

The People also opposed interracial marriage, and, y'know, emancipation. Give it time.

Jim in KFalls said...

Anon755 - keep thinking that, because in about 12 months you'll get to experience it first hand. It's hard to loose an election when it's handed to you 4 days before election day. And considering that Scazzofava still garnered 5% of the vote and that Hoffman only lost by 2-3% tells me that had the drop out occured 4 weeks ago, the election results would have been different. But keep on chugging that party line!

Kaelri - the people also opposed polygamy too and there hasn't been a rush to bring that back has there? People also oppose Pedophillia, should we just give that one time as well? You're slippery slope on this issue is, well, slippery.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 7:55, what about the wingnuts who won in NJ and Virginia. Are you implying there are no left wingnuts, only right wing can be wingnuts. I like it when racists like you use the term Teabaggers, you are like the English masters we used to have. We Teabaggers are proud to stand with the founders of our country. I question your use of the word wingnuts. Have you always been racist against Americans who simply believe differently than you do? I thought you commies were supposed to treat everyone equally and fairly. Do you call Nancy Pelosi a wingnut or is she just a normal nut. She is about a nutty as you can get. She's a cuckoo nut. Your bigotry and racism is showing. I think you are just a nut!

Anonymous said...

DAVE01, "wingnuts" who won the governors races? You are kidding right? Both those Governors are mainstream Republicans. They are no teabaggers. Hoffman was the teabagger candidate who had piggy, the druggy, fatty and other talking heads going to the mat to ensure a win. Over a million dollars was pumped in by teabagger astroturf and the guy lost. The fact is, since the Civil War a Republican has always had the seat. Thanks to the Republican Circular Fireing Squad and a rejection of teabagger politics by voters, YOUR GUY LOST.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Miglavia, a debate rages over the proper use of the word "wingnut."

Welcome to Miglavia!

DAVE01 said...

Anon 11:04, are you leaving out all the facts? How much did the DCCC (communists) and the NRCC (idiots) spend? It seems to me that if you leave out spending by each group then you are trying to put as much drama into it as you possibly can. I just read the communists spent more than what the teabagger (American patriots) spent. That is just more spinning by you communists. Over a million dollars spent by various communist organizations and the communists barely won. Don't forget the idiots supported a bigger communists than the DCCC. Didn't Hoffman lose by a few measly percent. I would say since Hoffman had lost by FOUR PERCENT, that's not much of a loss. The commie republican Dede took six percent. That totals in first grade math fifty one percent. Over half did not want Owens the democrat.

I guess you missed the patriot marches on DC a few months ago. Almost two million people told the US government what they wanted. Spin it all you want, but almost seven percent of our population was there that day. That is some rejection by voters of teabagger politics. Keep smoking that dope. One day you may convince yourself that communism is good.

DAVE01 said...

You criminal alien loving clowns say they are just coming here to work: I guess attempting to sell 60 hand grenades, guns an body armor is just part of the working.

MAX Redline said...

Anonymouse 11:04,

The fact is, since the Civil War a Republican has always had the seat.

The fact is, you're wrong. Try looking material up before spouting off, sometime.

The Civil War occurred between the years 1861–1865, dolt.

Owens is the 18th Democrat elected to that office since the Civil War. You're entitled to form your own opinions - but not your own facts.

Anonymous said...

Count 'em 31, yes Thirty-One states have now said no to the Perversion of marriage via the sodomites and carpet, wish I could have a dick, munchers.

And Sam Adams, temp mayor of portland, a typical gay child rapist (M.J. beat it, beat it, anyone?), will also be gone soon.

M.J's other "love" songs; Ben-about a little boy that looks like a mouse & Billy-Gene, a southern song of little boys and firm hairless buttocks, in overalls.

and wacko kaelri (did your parents invent that misspelled name so you would growup mad? its working) the people still reject interracial marriage, the people of the rest of world that is. And you have to feel sorry for their kids having that big chip on thier shoudler, like B. Hussein Obama, our African dope smoking boss, for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey sleazebag, the Democrat winning yesterday in New York's 23rd Congressional District was the first time in over 100 years. Sounds like you need to do a little research, dummy.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:36, The district has been redistricted 17 times since 1871.

Here is the last democRAT to hold that district.
Michael R. McNulty Democratic January 3, 1989 –
January 3, 1993
Green Island Redistricted to the 21st district

In that area (district), there have been a lot of demcRATS. It is difficult to make an exact comparison since it has been redistricted so much.

Here is the link:

I think you need to do the research dummy. By the way, that is link is from wikipedia which I think is garbage. I do not trust it more than fifty percent.

Lacey said...

Daniel, what with pot smoking and gay marriage, you just seem to have an intense, almost pathological interest in the personal lives of people you likely never even associate with, or even see. Why is that?

I pray to God that none of your children are gay. Because if any are, the lesson you refuse to learn today the easy way will come down on you like a 2,000-pound anvil.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool, Dave, the way you spell "Democrat" as "DemocRATS." Conveniently enough, the letters R-A-T-S show up at the end of "Democrats," so by capitalizing them (clever boy!) you sort of imply a double-meaning, as in Democrats = Rats. Thus, without even having to elaborate any complex thoughts with nuance and intelligence, you can convey, simply by typing the word "DemocRATS" that -- big surprise -- you don't like Democrats! Jesus, that's fucking brilliant!

You are a very, very clever and thoughtful fellow! Let me guess ... fifth grade?

Bobkatt said...

Pretty cool anonymous the way you always refer to the Tea Party crowd as Teabaggers when everyone knows that the Democrats are the party most partial to cocksuckers.

Kaelri- all advanced civilizations have self destructed. Give it time.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 1:01 PM, because the dem leadership are rats and snakes. I don't like most of the republicans either. I didn't vote for El Gordo Smith. I have been a repubican for my voting years. I was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Evil is still Evil. I thought it was time for a change. The republicans had lost their way. They had become spending assholes like the dems. I knew the democRATS would fuck things up so bad if they took control. I have proved myself correct. That is what has been happening since the messiah was elected. Dn't forget, the dems have ran congress for four or five years now. The repubs were bad enough, they were slightly corrupt and slightly looted the system. Since the dems took total control, they have gone crazy with corruption and looting. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I think they will get much worse before they get better. Hopefully, Americans will realize the mistakes they made putting the loony left in charge. I hope in the next elections, conservatives take over. Ones that are truly conservative. People who will not spend our grand children into debt and slavery, people who will stop giving our money to foreign countries, people who will take care of Americans (not foreigners), people who will let us use our huge resources for energy independence (not this bullshit green crap), provide jobs for Americans (not foreigners), return our country to be the envy of the world, return jobs to American (manufacturing jobs), etc. And investigate the fucking corrupt politicians, like murtha, pelosi, barney franks, chris dodd and the rest of the looters and put those traitors in jail for life. I can dream can't I?

I do believe that Americans are waking up. Look at New Jersey and Virginia, they voted in repubs.

Anonymous said...

You obviously COMPLETELY missed the point of my post, Dave. Guess I was wrong. Fourth grade.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 11:50 AM
I expanded upon that. I agree it was waaaayyyyy tooo much for you. Next time I will keep it simple.
No, I don't like most democRATS, I hate their leadership since they are communists or fascists. Is that good enough for you. Shit, again I went too far for you.

NO! nuff said.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Holy shit, you really don't know what I was talking about, do you? LOL. You're a poster boy for big-grip crayola crayons, the Official Writing Utensil of Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

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