Thursday, November 12, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Welcome to Dignity Village's website.
As we face the winter months, with the cold weather we rely on your support to see that we can offer a warm place for other homeless people out there,with over night stays and with your warm gift of giving we know that we will be here to provide this service to the homeless people outside the village. Please ask for Joe, if you would like to donate to help us along , or need info as to what we are looking for as for donations of items we can use.

Get the begging out of the way...

Now that all that was said , I want to let everyone know that we are having a Christmas Bazaar Dec 05-06 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in our Commons Buildings, We will have tables and tables of stuff. We will have Door prizes, and a grand prize, and a bake sale of Cookies, Cakes, and Coffee etc, just to let some of the fun out Come on out and support the Village . Have a tour , and view our Holiday Lights, yes lights, we are having a festive lighting and the viewing will be open to a Donation of your choice at the gate . a guided tour will walk you around the decorated houses.

Only in America can you get "door prizes" from the homeless. And since the taxpayers of Portland are funding their electric bill the lighting should be as spectacular as a Griswold family Christmas!


Anonymous said...

you basically just hate the poor. you are a petty man and I feel sorry that your children will grow up with you as an influence in your life.

Anonymous said...

7:32 PM

REALLY? Grow up!

Oh, boo hoo, you feel that Daniel hates the poor. bs!

You have to admit, if you have any common sense, that door prizes to visit a homeless camp ground is a valid point made by Daniel seriously, eye roll here. Why dont the power that be in the Village..hold a raffle with those "door prizes" and their "grand prize" The way they are doing it makes it look like they need to bribe people with a prize to come and see their camp ground. How about they
Auction off some day labor, it is not like Portland is lacking in leaves that need raking now. Show people that the residence of the village camp ground actually want employment, and not just a hand out. You know a hand up, not a hand out...

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

New Anon here, not the same as above. I don't think Daniel hates the poor, I just think he doesn't give a shit about them. Yet another lesson Miglavs hasn't learned from his version of "Christianity." Back in the day, WAY back in the day, Miglavs would have taken one look at Jesus and sniveled, "Get a job!"

("And get back in your own country!")

Anonymous said...

Hate the poor?

What happened to the people that were proud to be Independent not DE-pendent? Were they only white European Immigrants then?

Stupid fucking Democrats want us all Dependent on Big Brother, read Senate wanna be Dem. Steve Novick at ranting on and on on how Govenrment-Big Brother, needs more of OUR paychecks or else...(Dem. majority would not allow him to publish unless they were in lock step with him)

Democrats have been claiming to help the poor for decades now and MORE people are poor than ever.

Democrat GOD = George Orwell

Democrat Goal = All of us either work for the Gov't or live soley via the gov't.

Where is your self respect, true dignity and self esteem?

Reality: too many Illegal aliens have stolen away public housing so that Americans have to live in homeless camps now, stupid Democrats.

Bobkatt said...

Back in the day, WAY back in the day, Liberals would have looked at the Virgin Mother and counseled her to have an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Portland's citizens (which includes some low-income people I'm sure) pay out $58 million to assist the homeless last year?

Boo hoo. Kids who won't work. Ex-cons. Most families help their own if they are down and out. Unless they know they are down and out because of behavior problems that never get addressed.

Anonymous said...

I think some of you do not realize just how many programs and state employees there are to serve the poor. DHS - used to have 10,000 employees. I'm not sure what the current figure is.
That doesn't count the Housing Agency which is separate.
There are also county health clinics and some aid given through schools.
Aaaand, there is the city programs such as Salem's housing for those who earn half their income from agriculture. Cities also give grants to home buyers.
Numerous federal grants hand out money to students. Child-care can be covered by Medicaid for students.
Illegals can lie are on their applications and no one will know. However, Americans have caseworkers checking their income on wage screens.

Jim in KFalls said...

LOL - What do you suppose the Grand Prize is for the Christmas Bazaar?

I certainly hope all the electrical systems are up to code before the "lighting ceremony" takes place - it could be an interesting event if they string a bunch of christmas lights together...

...And on another note, how come they're calling it Christmas and not Winter Festival? I mean the same folks who prevent the City from celebrating Christmas are the same folks running the show down there right?