Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Save a diversity manager: punish crime victims

Mom condemns 'good-behavior' law for inmates
Earlier this year, Oregon lawmakers found a way to save about $3 million annually by releasing thousands of well-behaved prisoners early.

But the emotional impact of that law hit home in a Portland courtroom Monday.

More than three years after a driver struck her 23-year-old daughter and left her to die, Janet Tremain pleaded with a Multnomah County judge not to lop 30 percent off the killer's sentence. A law that took effect in July increased the amount of time off inmates can receive for good behavior from 20 to 30 percent.

On July 14, 2006, McDaniel was jogging on the shoulder of a road near Interstate 84 and Dodson when Corona-Rosales, then 24, veered into her, which knocked her into blackberry bushes. She lay bleeding for nearly 30 minutes until two passers-by spotted her. She died in a hospital 30 hours later.

Doctors told her family that McDaniel might have had a 40 to 50 percent chance of survival if she had been flown to a hospital immediately after impact.

Corona-Rosales was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and hit-and-run driving. He received nearly five years in prison -- 20 months of that sentence was for hit-and-run. Under the new law, he is eligible for 30 percent off the 20 months.

Because he is an illegal immigrant, he will be deported when he is released.

Perhaps state legislators should be required to be present at these hearings. They should look into the eyes of parents who had a child killed by an illegal alien that now wants out of prison early.

When they walk out of the public courthouse they can look at whatever piece of crap sculpture that is outside required by Oregon's Percent for Public Art program. Do you think that the crying mother of a dead child will appreciate the piece as she passes by?

The legislature is saving $3 million by punishing crime victims and endagering public safety but they spent half a million dollars on WES commuter rail art.

Public Art on WES Commuter Rail
The project has allocated $500,000 to fund the WES Public Art Program based on 1.5 percent of eligible project costs.

But I'm sure that any legislator could explain to the parent of a murdered child why it's more important to preserve public art than keep a killer in prison.


Kaelri said...

You want to keep these people locked up? Why, you've gone soft, Daniel. I would have expected you to propose the death penalty and get rid of the lot of them. All crime is equal, after all - no sympathy for the border-hopper who breaks laws to keep his kid from starving. They're all "criminals," one and the same.

But seriously. If the criminal justice system existed to tend to the emotions of the victims, we'd have an Abu Ghraib in every county in America. Incarceration has exactly one purpose: to prevent and deter people from endangering the community. It'd be one thing if this guy were an actual murderer, but from what I can tell, he's just a coward who had a hit-and-run. Obviously that deserves some consequences, but at some point it's just the government taking your tax dollars to feed and clothe a man without any good effect.

I'm sure this is one of the more dramatic, television-worthy examples, too. Statistically, most of the released inmates will have been there for drug-related charges, which, since drug law enforcement doesn't work anyway, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over.

Big Mike Lewis said...

This world is not my home, I'm just'a passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue.

That's all I can think when I hear how this world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

It's typical lib policy to look sympathetic and "save money" when they are just causing more debt in the long run. When this criminal illegal sneaks back and does it again, he'll cause more heartache.

Anonymous said...

Kaelri, Only YOU would make excuses for the PREVENTABLE death of a fellow human being.

You are disgusting and prove that liberalism IS a mental disorder.

If you are a girl, I would slap your face and if a male I would like to beat you to within an inch of your life, piece of shit that you are.

and yet Democrats will continue to invent every excuse their is to not enforce the law, while the innocent DIE!

IF only this was Ron Wydens or Jeff Merkleys kid, things would be different, what a disgrace they are.

Anonymous said...

Daniel I have a better idea than the legislators being at court with the families of the victims. Why not have the legislators finish their sentence. Most of the legislators are crooks anyway.

Kaelri, you call him a coward who had a hit and run. He is here illegally. That means he probably has committed other crimes. A really big crime committed by these criminal aliens is social security fraud. They use somebody's SSN number and that person has a nightmare clearing up their problems. Of course, you don't give a shit about the victims. No big deal if a person's life is destroyed. He is a criminal showing a complete lack of respect for our laws. Somebody died because of that. Maybe in the future one of your family members can experience some coward who had a hit and run.

Incarceration has more than one purpose. I won't educate you on that. If you are over fifteen, your education has been lacking if you don't know that. That is not my problem.

I can tell that you have never been the victim of horrific a crime. You probably are a criminal or have multiple criminals in your family or your group of friends. After all, breaking our immigration laws (first time a civil violation, second time felony), stealing a person's SSN (felony), stealing health care from American children and senior citizens (violation of American children human rights), stealing educations from American children (violation of American children human rights), getting drunk and killing somebody's daughter, mother or sister (you want sympathy for the border hopper who kills our children while trying to just feed their children are crimes against my family, community and country) is just a coward who had a hit and run.

I hope to god some day you get to experience what Janet Tremain is going through. Then, it won't be just a coward who had a hit and run. Maybe you will get the experience of identifying your loved one at the morgue. Then you will be able to brush off the death of a loved one (hopefully a horrifying death with lots of suffering) as just killed by a coward who had a hit and run.

You are truly disgusting to brush off the death of somebody's daughter and you are the reason I believe in abortions. You should have been aborted. Since it's no big deal to you, you should offer to trade your life for the next criminal alien who wants to get drunk and kill somebody or are you just a coward?

Kaelri said...

"If you are a girl, I would slap your face and if a male I would like to beat you to within an inch of your life, piece of shit that you are."

That's because you didn't read my post, where I said the crime deserved consequences, or the article, where it did not say the killing was a premeditated murder. Try again.

Anonymous said...

K, driving at high speed and hitting someone IS MURDER! Even if Drunk as article implies.

Fleeing the scene is another horrific crime, anoyne with a heart would have stopped to see what had just happened. But the typical Illegal alien is a scum bag leach taking all they can get while they can and laughing at our Liberals/Democrats who make excuses instead of doing whats right for the people that pay them and put them in office-Americans.

I read your post and threw up in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10, for multiple reasons, it is simply not possible to take you seriously, not the least of which is because conservatives make excuses for the preventable deaths of human beings all the time ... I am thinking particularly of the deaths of 5,272 Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and an additional 100,000, give or take a thousand, deaths of Iraqi civilians. Before these wars were launched, I was in the streets raising my objections to my tax dollars being spent on an illegal, unjustified war. Were you? What did you do to prevent those deaths? What remorse or anger have you expressed about those deaths? My strong suspicion: Nothing, and none.

Secondly, what's with the propensity toward violence yourself, and this need to equate liberalism with a "mental disorder"? This is political dialogue at the level of professional "wrestling." Kaelri does not have a political disorder; he has a political outlook that you happen to disagree with. I think that Daniel Miglavs is a bigot, a fool and a reactionary who strays dangerously close to outright fascism, but he doesn't have a "mental disorder." He has a different viewpoint, a wildly different one, and I accept that, and I would be willing to debate him on virtually any subject on this blog, but he chooses to post-and-run. So, in my opinion, he is also a coward.

I think it says a great deal about your lack of faith in your own political perspectives, and your general intelligence and maturity level that you feel compelled to use violence against others with whom you simply disagree. Do you know what the definition of "terrorism" is? It's using violence, or the threat of violence, to advance a political agenda. Think about it. No ... really think about it.

My suggestion? Shut-up, and grow up. You give Republicans a bad name.

Kaelri said...

The word "premeditated" is important in this case. Yes, it was murder. Yes, he deserves to suffer a miserable existence as a consequence of what he did. (I've said that consistently, so when any of you say I'm "excusing" the crime, or calling it "no big deal," you're putting words in my mouth, which is not endearing you to me.)

But again, the only reason to keep him locked up - the only reason the government should do anything with other people's money, for that matter - is if it will do some good. If he were a continuing danger to other people, that would be a different case. If his story became a deterrent to other people who might otherwise follow his example, that, too, would be a reason. But there is absolutely no reason to think that he's going to "sneak back and do it again" when he wasn't trying to do it in the first place. All crime is not equal, and criminal justice is not a closed system; we can spend our resources on avenging the dead, or we can spend them on protecting the living. Not both.

Incidentally, I would feel more respect for the conservative perspective around here if it weren't quite so mired in hypocrisy. You've made a groundless judgment about my life experience, declared that I'm "probably" a criminal, and decided that I should have been aborted. So forgive me if I question your principled sympathy for the victims of wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

He left her to die. There is no excuse for that behavior; he is a pathetic excuse for a human and a waste of good oxygen.

I agree with Daniel, the people that voted for this crap of letting criminals go should have to sit there and see what the outcome is....

Why not? These mentally ill morons in the legislature are far too insolated from the damages they cause in the name of making themselves feel good.

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

But I'm sure that any legislator could explain to the parent of a murdered child why it's more important to preserve public art than keep a killer in prison.

Comments like this exhibit roughly the same intelligence level and political sophistication as the comment below:

"I'm sure that any Congressman could explain to the parent of a child killed in Iraq why it's more important to maintain Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian than it is to ensure that American soldiers have the equipment they need."

Anonymous said...

Yep as predicted, the Liberals change the subject to the War outside of our nation, instead of the War going on at home. i.e. over 1,240 Ilegals in our state prison here, of which over 1/2 committed horrific sex crimes.

Maybe I wish that all of our Military was on OUR borders instead of over there dummy.


Mexico and Islam our are enemies in the 21st century and they laugh at our weak, excuse making sissy Democrats. and KILL D's & R's & I's & especially LGBT too dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

how much time did Miglavs do for selling meth?

Anonymous said...

DEFELECT AND DISTRACT… lib play book rule...

Changing the subject does not prove your point.

Anonymous said...

10:38, did you miss a medication, by chance?

Anonymous said...

Conservatives just can't bring themselves to face the Bush-launched wars. They want us to "support the troops," but they don't seemed alarmed that thousands of them have died for NOTHING. I'm guessing they'll think it's supremely important when a few more thousand have died in Afghanistan under Obama. I'm guessing this sudden interest and passion will be sparked early in 2012 and reach its peak around, oh, November or so.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


WTF libs...you just can live without your daily Bush bash. WHAT DID G.W. BUSH HAVE TO DO WITH THIS CRIME??? The answer is: NOTHING.

Now... Why are the legislators such cowards not to come face to face with the very people the law they passed has affected? How is that for a question? Stay on task!!!!


MAX Redline said...


In some respects, I agree with you: the illegal alien did commit manslaughter. Because it appears not to have been premeditated, he cannot be convicted of murder (though he should be, as she had a chance of survival with prompt treatment). Instead, he chose to keep on rolling and "hope for the best" - if, in fact he thought of her at all.

I agree that the purpose of prison is prevention and deterrence.

We diverge, however, in a couple of significant areas:

1) no sympathy for the border-hopper who breaks laws to keep his kid from starving.

While it appears that you may harbor such feelings, I don't. To me, it is no different that someone who non-violently robs a bank. Breaking the laws is indicative of narcissism and its attendant disrespect. I also don't buy into the whole "to keep his kid from starving" meme.

Americans send more money and more people to help others around the globe than do all other countries combined. The activities are particularly thick in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other southern hemisphere countries - which, oddly enough, happen to be the very places from which a majority of illegals emanate. I know several people personally who have worked in these places, building schools, water supplies, and other essentials. In most cases, illegals simply are not here "to keep his kid from starving".

2) deterrence and prevention.

I agree that this is the proper role for prisons; however, due largely to the efforts of Leftists over many years, American prisons generally do not fulfill this critical role.

In addition to three hots and a cot, most prisons afford inmates access to libraries, cable television, and recreational facilities. They have become desirable, rather than preventive or deterrent. When that southern Sheriff, Joe something has convicts living in tents and wearing pink underwear and "only" getting bologna sandwiches for lunch, the Leftists scream their heads off. Yet this Sheriff has the correct approach: prison should not be something you ever want to revisit.

But back to the case in consideration: does it make sense to continue to hold the inmate, or is deportation appropriate? Deportation would obviously be the preferred choice - if our government fulfilled its mandate to ensure that our borders are secure. As they have not, such a choice is not really a choice at all - it amounts to a "catch and release" program for clearly dangerous illegals.

Anonymous said...

Who are these starving border-hoppers? I have never seen one that is starving - overweight is more like it.
In fact, Hispanics (who are the majority of illegals) are said to be having overweight children by the government.
I saw an illegal swimming the Rio Grande who had a great percentage of body fat - on a documentary. Much more than us or any of our children.
So, quit with the "starving immigrant" sob story. No one is buying that.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers should demand that diversity training materials be available for the public to read and study- speaking of that subject.
In fact, maybe I will call DAS.

We should also demand to be present in these trainings.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great if our government could implant a micro-chip prior to deportation that would detonate or explode when the border is breached again by the illegal mexican. Explain to them first, in spanish of course, what will happen if they cross illegally again. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

We need a fucking revolution in this country and in this state. Fuck these left-wing mother fuckers. I hate 'em.

Julie said...

Kaelri, you are a stupid bitch! A border hopper that breaks laws to keep his kids from starving, I laughed so hard I just shit my pants!! Abu Ghraib you say? I'm thinking more on the lines of concentration camp! Maybe you will lose a loved one to a drunk driving wetbwack and change your ignorant perspective, then again probably not, stupid is a choice huh?!?