Monday, November 16, 2009

But they are so hardworking

You do not have to be a citizen to apply for your children or people in your home. Your income will be used to decide if your children can get food stamps.

You will not have to give the Social Security number or immigrant status of anyone who is not getting food stamps.

The food stamp office will not contact INS with any information from your child’s application.

Your family is not a “public charge” if you only get non-cash help. This includes food stamps, WIC, school meals and the Oregon Health Plan.

This is an oldie but goodie DHS flyer. Please keep in mind that when you are the victim of a criminal who got released early it was so that our state government could use your tax dollars to advertise services to illegal aliens and their anchor babies.


Anonymous said...

I think its time to take the state to task on catering to spanish only speaking immigrants. Ban bilingual customer service in state offices.

Anonymous said...

This is really good news. Good to know that the state believes in helping families in need. Once again the bigots lose.

DAVE01 said...

Do you mean Osama Bin Laden could get public assistance for his family as he is plotting to murder millions of Americans? That is a good use of our money, financing our own deaths and the deaths of our children.

Of course this state has a racist policy of catering to spanish speaking thieves, where do you think they get the votes to win elections? The criminal aliens prove they have poor education and are ignorant, they vote for democRATS.

Anonymous said...

I am confused....

Do white people have to pony up a social? Do white people have to provide their income statements?

There is this pesky little thing in the US Constitution call...equal protection under the law.

I would say that if the brozer color skined peps..dont have to provide the necessary documentation as to income and legal status, then...neither does anyone else.

Pinkie French

Robin said...

Anon 333 makes an excellent point. Why do us law-abiding citizens have to provide a lot of personal data like social security numbers, when there's a large group of people who are not required.

Another issue that I've thought was interesting on the brochure, was this... "Your family is not a “public charge” if you only get non-cash help. This includes food
stamps, WIC, school meals and the Oregon Health Plan."

Who pays for these programs and Oregon health care?

This is not like Canada where just being in Canada you are automatically covered.

Citizens have trouble getting these type of benefits and it seems like they're always trying to help trespassers in our country more than were trying to help ourselves.

Julie said...

I agree, no more bilingual crap!! If they cannot speak english, then go home! It is not our responsibility to cater to them in spanish. We do not want immigrants in our country who are so lazy that they would rather mooch free services than try to learn even a little english to help themselves and their many children. I have noticed something, as I volunteer when I have free time. It seems that they will always find a line to stand in for free services, yet are absent at any gathering to give back or help society in any way. No wonder these selfish, greedy, stealing criminals have a filthy corrupt country of origin. Also, why don't we close medical emergency services to these illegals too? If you cannot provide citizenship proof or communicate in english then bleed in the street after your next corona fueled knife/gun fight!!

Anonymous said...

The file is no long on their site... but google cached it...