Sunday, November 01, 2009

What do we do when the government ignores it's own laws?

NRA Sues Seattle Over Illegal Gun Ban
On October 28, NRA filed a complaint in the Superior Court of Washington State against the City of Seattle, asking the court to enjoin and declare invalid a recently enacted parks and recreation administrative policy that prohibits firearms in parks, community centers and other city-owned buildings. Other plaintiffs in the case include state correctional officers and private citizens.

The city is in violation of Washington's preemption statute, which forbids localities from enacting this type of ban. In October 2008, Attorney General Rob McKenna issued an opinion, which put the City of Seattle and Mayor Nickels on further notice that Washington cities may not enact local laws prohibiting possession of firearms on city property or in city-owned facilities.

One of our greatest protections is the fact that we are a nation of laws. But government is rapidly eroding that principle by picking and choosing enforcement or politicians flat out ignoring laws that stand in the way of their personal goals.

Who is in the wrong if there is a state preemption law (both Oregon and Washington have this) saying that a locality cannot enact local firearm restrictions and a city/county/school decides to do so anyways but the public ignores it?

Unfortunately it seems that law enforcement, answering to political masters, would choose to enforce an unlawful directive. We saw this in New Orleans, we saw this with the Oregon University system and I think that we are going to continue to see it.

A government that does not follow it's own laws is not a legitimate body to represent the people.


Anonymous said...

Good question, Miglavs. Ever pose that one to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? No? Hmmmm ...

DAVE01 said...

anon 3:32, we were bitching at bush for years. We wanted the border controlled. We wanted the criminal aliens booted out of the US. We wanted the laws enforce. Where have you been the last few years? Is your head stuck up your ass?

Anonymous said...

I've been checking this blog out the last few years, with my head completely free of my own and all other asses, and yes, I am aware that Miglavians bitch about Bush-Cheney with regard to border control, but that's hardly unique; Miglavians bitch about all politicians on this subject, because you are totally obsessed with it, and always will be, since the "problem" as you see it will never, EVER be solved to your satisfaction. What is interesting, however, is that Bush-Cheney distinguished themselves in a unique way amongst American presidents, which is to basically declare that they were immune from following any laws, domestic or international, a fascistic position that was condemned both by Democrats and even many Republicans, although no Miglavians that I am aware of, which leads me to believe that the posturing over "rule of law" was not really a principled political position, but a highly selective application of an otherwise honorable stance, which is that all laws should be obeyed. That is not Daniel's position; it has never been his position, because he is, among other things, a shameless and even enthusiastic hypocrite, so since I don't particularly care having smoke up my ass, Dave, how 'bout you stop blowing it in that direction?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 4:10, what laws did bush-cheney violate? I do have problems with congress not declaring war against al-queda and the taliban. I do not want to be involved with the UN. Those pieces of garbage have their own agenda. If you are talking about the waterboarding, al-queada should be considered as spies and simply executed.

Scottiebill said...

Dave01, The laws that Bush and Cheney have allegedly broken are clearly stated in the "Law According to Anonymous 4:10."

He, and the other Bush-Cheney haters that regularly come on here spewing their illogical crap against Bush and Cheney, have been living in their own little fog for too long. They are merely following The Komrade's never-ending mantra. Everything that has happened in this world ever since Noah ran aground on Mt. Ararat is Bush's fault. I'm a little surprised that the Anonymouses here have not blamed Bush for that grounding by putting him at the helm of the Ark. They haven't yet, anyway.

The Bush-Cheney haters are as sharp as marbles, and prove it every time they post here or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

"Simply executed?" Well isn't that simple! Simply "execute" them. No trial. No proof. No accountability. No regard for international law, for the Geneva Convention. "Simply execute them."

You know, Dave, it really doesn't matter one flying fuck WHAT you think, but if that's the way you approach legal and constitutional questions, I'll cede the point for the time being, and move on to my final statement:

I think that human beings should be able to live and work wherever they damn well please without having to get permission from THE GOVERNMENT to do so and without having to worry about fascistic bigots like Daniel Miglavs marginalizing them and hounding them with a goddamned video camera.

Simply put, it really is that simple.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 2:13 PM, ok, give them a trial then execute them. Al queda are animals. I treat people as they treat me and others, treat al queda like they treat our prisoners. I live by the Golden Rule.

Our politicians have a difficult following our constitution and laws, why should anyone else follow the laws? Use Charlie Rangel as an example. How about tax cheat Timothy Geithner?

So you really believe people should be able to live and work where they want to. Good, I know people that would like your job, all the jobs of your family and they want your houses. I would agree to that. In this country, you have the right to live where you want and to work at any job you want to. Socialism/communism does not work. The idea may be wonderful, but you put man into the mix and it gets fucked up. It will never work.

Capitalism works wonderfully. The only problem with capitalism is when you get government involvement. Let's take the housing disaster as an example. The Community Reinvestment Act from Jimmy Carter caused most of this disaster. It was the government (Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters and others) who pushed banks to loan to anyone under the sun. Those clown believe that owning a house is a right. It's not. The banks used to redline poor areas (I think that was the term) and not loan to anyone on those areas. They were prevented from redlining by our wonderful government leaders. They used that to buy voters in the poor areas. Well, we now paid for it. I do however, believe in government oversight.

I love this statement: marginalizing them and hounding them with a goddamned video camera

It's good to shine the lights on rats. You want to leave criminals alone? I prefer to run them out of town. Why are all you liberals so in love with criminals? Can't you just follow the law and stop trying to lower the bar? What do you want next? Do you want to make it legal to rape and murder little babies? You liberals are really sick. You are helping to destroy this country.

Anonymous said...

No, capitalism does NOT work "wonderfully," and anyone who would say that in the present economic situtation is totally batshit crazy fucking insane, as far as I'm concerned, and no, you don't live by the "Golden rule," because I'm sure you think it's "wonderful" for a Fortune 500 company to move its factories to Mexico, killing jobs here, so the CEO can make $20 million a year instead of $15 million a year off the backs off the working people who actually produce the wealth, but it puts a wild hair up your ass when a working person from Mexico tries to travel in the opposite direction so they can work in a locale that used to be their country in the first place. The Golden Rule is the ethic of reciprocity, and it ain't exactly reciprocating to say "We can go to your turf and do whatever the fuck we want but you can't do jack shit on our turf."

And as far as the "Fine, why don't you give up your job to an illegal alien" argument goes, that's the sort of argument a fifth-grader would make. It's not an argument, it's an evasion. That's like saying because I support Freedom of speech, I should be somehow be required to let Daniel Miglavs park his ass in my living room every evening so he can bitch and moan about "illegal aliens." Wanna pull your head out of your ass and try this one again?

And I happen to agree with you about shining a light on the rats, which is why I think Fox News is such a wonderful thing: It's nice to have all the fascist lunatic morons congregate on one TV station. Makes it relatively easy to keep up with their bullshit.

DAVE01 said...

anon 4:21, I love the way you keep throwing fascist around.

I like your example of the fortune 500 company. Again it was government involvement that allowed those companies to move to mexico. Can you say NAFTA? You keep proving my point. When you talk about somebody making an extra five million dollars off the backs of working people, who provided those jobs for the working people? It was that rich person who started a factory to make a product. That person came up with an idea and decided they could make money off it. That is capitalism. It has created the largest amount of wealth mankind has ever seen. If you had taken any kind of economics, you would see that there are ups and downs. Government involvement often fucks things up.

Now, let's look at your point of mexicans traveling here to what used to be their country. They are called illegal aliens, not working people. They are thieves. Nothing more. They come here and steal what Americans have built. They rape and murder our children. We have enough of our own rapists and murderers without encouraging more to come here. All territory or property used to be somebody else's property or territory. I'm sure you did not take US history. That territory was lost by mexico to the US. In fact, we paid mexico for the privilege of kicking their ass in a war.

When you say: ""We can go to your turf and do whatever the fuck we want but you can't do jack shit on our turf.", that is exactly what the mexicans are doing. I find it strange that you will defend them but not protect America or want to defend her. I do not want my grand children growing up in mexico while residing in Oregon. You don't seem to mind that American children are having their education being dumbed down by children who are not supposed to be here and their parents did not pay for the schools. You don't seem to mind that hospitals are being destroyed because of your "working people" who did nothing to pay for that hospital. Your working people are nothing but thieves coming to the US to steal what they did not earn. You don't seem to mind that the criminal aliens are stealing health care meant for Americans and paid for by Americans. That is why you are a communist.

Tell me what communism has done for mankind. It just killed about a hundred million people. How can you call yourself a caring human being when you are defending an idea that butchered a hundred million people.

You call my argument a fifth grade argument. No it is not. I simply want you to put your money and your home where your mouth is. It seems you are saying they have a right to come here and take what they want. I am simply expanding on that. We don't have unlimited resources and jobs in this country. There has to be a limit someplace or an American will be hurt as they are. Tell me what good socialism or communism has done for mankind. Capitalism has done much greater good. More inventions have come out of this country which has benefited mankind much more. It is obvious that you are a product of current education putting socialism and communism on a pedestal. Socialism and communism are evil. In capitalism, a poor person can come up with an idea or product and become rich. Bill Gates is an example of that. With socialism or communism, the government has to okay that product or service. Bullshit. Communism or socialism stifles man's spirit.

DAVE01 said...

One change to my second paragraph. It is not necessarily a rich person that came up with an idea. It could be a poor person or middle class person.

DAVE01 said...

One last thought, if socialism is so good, how come California is in the crapper economically? Capitalism will have to bail CA out.