Monday, November 30, 2009

The new prefered skin color: green

Welcome to the State of Oregon Jobs Page
We believe in Oregon and "Values at Work" by serving the citizens of this great state and carrying out Oregon's core values of strong communities, healthy kids, educational opportunities, a green lifestyle, economic vitality, and a sustainable future.

"Green" and "sustainable" have taken over as buzzwords for the state. I'm actually starting to miss the term "diversity."

But this wouldn't be complete without an actual reason to vote NO on 66 & 67:

Equity, Policy and Community Engagement Manager
$5,151 - $7,585 MONTHLY
The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)/Office of the Director (DO)/Office Multicultural Health and Services (OMDHS)/Equity, Policy and Community Engagement Unit is seeking a progressive and experienced professional to serve as the Equity, Policy and Community Engagement Unit Manager.

When the ad says that they are seeking a "progressive" does that mean conservatives need not apply?

This position leads a team that is responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating strategies that promote equity and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health and human services in Oregon.

From this statement I must conclude that the current system that DHS oversees is rife with racism. The state agency must be responsible for horrible racial disparities if they need to hire someone for $91K/year to correct it. Sorry, someone to lead an entire team to correct it.

I, Daniel, am willing to solve this right now and for a lot less money: Hey DHS, don't be racist.

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